Chat censor bug


Are scopely looking at the shamefully poor chat censor @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely. Chat was the only fun thing left in this game.


Looking at the chat censor??

They paid to buy that chat bot, they aren’t going to be doing much themselves about it.


Presumably they bought it through a pull system from a chat censor wheel. This one is the equivalent of getting 3* green Eugene

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It’s definitely not working. The atmosphere in newberry is toxic and we now get subjected to mindless ranting from people with the brains of three year old having tantrums in line too.

Time for real people to review some of the chatbot bans and put permanent bans in place for offensive/nasty/bullying players.

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Tried to say “Californication” as in the Red Hot Chili Peppers song but that got censored but apparently “ass shit” is okay for me to say lol

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Exactly - don’t censor the words beer and moan - get a proper tool that does the job properly

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I feel the chat sensor bot is more of a troll than any troll in the game. o_0

So they accomplished what they wanted by becoming one. °slow claps° :clap:

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It’s ok. I got censored for saying “people” and “love/hate”. Everything is working just fine…

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Well I just got censored for saying in faction chat, that if I finish the camille roadmap I get 10 wine bottles. It censored wine yet that is the name of the item. Doesn’t make any sense.

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