Chat banned for calling towers

I got chat banned for calling towers IN MY OWN FACTION CHAT!
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely Please put this to the top of priorities, this moderation system is BROKEN and is causing communication issues during war.


Yeah, this seems like it’s the most stupid ‘feature’ that has been implemented since territories.

Seriously, some people can’t even say ‘LINE’ or ‘forum’ on global or faction chat. I don’t know why you didn’t just leave it the way it was.

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They need to keep the chat ban to Global and league/war chats. They need to leave faction chat out of it.


Clearly it’s working as intended. Scopley’s team who review these, who are obviously fluent in your native language (just like support), have reviewed the reports and assessed you’ve said naughty naughty words. Thank your lucky stars the ban is temporary, and get some religion or wash that mouth out with soapy water. You are the only one reporting it so there is clearly no chance that the system is broke. Keep Surviving

sarcasm ends

Serious response, how do you know its the tower calling getting you the ban?

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I’m assuming because I’ve seen other reports and also the last thing I did before the ban was call a tower. I don’t talk in GC so no chance I was reported or anything like that.

As I asked in a similar thread:

Just because it was the last thing you said, doesn’t mean it triggered the ban. If a guy is arrested and sent to jail, it’s not because he had pancakes for breakfast 5 minutes before he was arrested…

p.s. I am genuinely not implying the system is working, nor am I suggesting the ban was deserved. Just trying to understand the issue a bit more

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Yeah but it’s an automated system so the last thing you said should be the trigger logically. And I think I said like one thing all tournament that went # so I have no idea what else it could be

According to Scopley (yes, I realise that going off what a community manager says is only one step up from saying “I saw it written in shit on the walls of a public bathroom”) all bans are reviewed by a human before they are actioned.


Like shit written on bathroom walls… :rofl: hands down the best sum up!

Just echoing what @Kanaima said, the automation is doing calculations based on your most recent chats but bans are not automated. From what we’ve been told, once the AI has determined your account has passed some sort of threshold, a person has to issue the ban. I don’t know what the time frame is in between the AI triggering and a ban being enforced.

Maybe word it a little differently than “I’ll get the mother- ####ing water tower!!!”

(J/K, couldn’t resist… just struck me right off as to “what could he possibly be typing more than two or three letters to call a tower???” :yum:

Interestingly a factions mate received a support response from a “manager” who told him he triggered the ban bot by “calling out towers very quickly during war”.

So it is automated and it is bullshit

@KRoo - suspect it is similar to what happened to you - apologies for casting any shade on your good character

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Seeing my faction organised and eager greatly hindered my ability to enjoy this game. Chat moderation got something right

- You’re right, said no-one ever

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