Chat ban. Is it permanent or temporary?

I have been banned since the chat filter was added. It was a 24 hour ban now all I can type are # signs. Is this going to be fixed or are bans permanent? It’s making war and just regular gaming very difficult.

It’s supposed to be temporary. Can you please open a ticket with support and ask them for help?

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I have seen where someone with same bug uninstalled and reinstalled and issue was solved. Idk what platform they were on

Ha! good troll reply

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No, actually I’ve had several players report support was able to fix this. They’re certainly more likely to fix it than anyone on the forums.


I’ve messaged support and they told me to come here so here I am lol

I tried and they told me twice to go to the forum.

You got to put pics of this being told to you so @LadyGeek @Wanderer @Kodak_black @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely can take it to the team!

Just took this to the team. Ty

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