Chat Ban for Weeks - No response from Scopely

Someone in my faction has been banned from all chats and in game messages since February 7th. His ban has no timer on it and he used the link to contact scopely but has received 0 response in return. In fact, the day he got banned he said nothing that was offensive to even receive this ban in the first place. The thing that sickens me most is he is cut off from ALL lines of communication in game - general chat, faction chat, in game messages, league chats, etc. HOW is this an effective way to play??? If he offended someone in faction, the faction should have a choice to kick. But taking away his right to effectively play with his faction is a bunch of bull. @JB.Scopely someone needs to contact him to fix this in the next 24 hours or I refuse to spend another minute playing this game or spending another cent.


Have that person leave faction and return, then uninstall and reinstall. The latter has seemed to work for most people


thanks @Bane :slight_smile: he has left our faction several times - we have a crafting faction and nothing has changed. He is trying to uninstall and reinstall again to see if it will trigger something again. So far, still banned.

Thank you @JB.Scopely for any assistance you gave to correct this situation. Both me, my faction, and our teammate are satisfied with the immediate response and appreciate it. Thank you.

Contact in game support it seems to be the only way to get any resolution with the new filter.

Try getting a outright ban like I just did, they banned me for 24 hrs when I didn’t use bad language, cheat or abuse another player. Which screws me out of collecting my scav for the lvl up and getting needed stuff for another Valentine’s pull. Thx alot Scopely for timing that perfectly for me and leaving me out in the cold.

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Tell us the full story

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Thank you, but when it doesn’t allow you to access the button then it makes it impossible to contact support and put in a ticket. They had to manually lift his ban yesterday. So I imagine his was a glitch. Anyway, they fixed it and so now we are all good. thank you for your response!

You can contact Support from on here. There’s a link somewhere.

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Thank you. Scopely resolved the issue yesterday. He is now able to chat and communicate in game as usual.

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