Charlie's 100% taunt not working

After recent updates, Charlie’s weapon is not taunting 100%. Far from it, to tell the truth. In a single assault, it missed 5 in 5 times against a character with anti-taunt mod.

In my view this destroys this character and the strategy of many players. Before knowing this debuff of Charlie specs, I’ve chosen him to promote… Now he’s almost garbage.

Please join my indignation about this and other game changing alteration.


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F2p toon, don’t expect to see that fixed

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They risk loosing more and more players by changing rules after the game starts. Even some players who spend in the game.

They don’t care

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Unfortunately I agree with you. But still I try to show them the path they’re making for themselves. Free of charge :grin:

Enemies resisting his taunt is him being fixed. Enemies ignoring his taunt even with resist mods was bugged previously.

Whether or not he’s resisting at the correct amounts based on resist mod percentages is a different question, however. More testing is needed to determine if he’s being resisted at the appropriate rate.

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It was not intended that Charlie would bypass resist mods. This has been confirmed by JB in Line chat.

Change implemented with latest update (Friday or Monday - can’t remember which)

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Oh well if jb assured it in line that’s official. Cause he never full of bs on those silly chats. False idols =]

Whether it was a bug or not, it was pretty much the only reliable way to stop Doc from rushing in t1 or Raven for F2P players. Has anyone ever complained about him that he was too OP? I don’t remember it. Really, aren’t F2P players already fcked enough by this company? They made F2P teams ever weaker

It was broken and yes it sucks, but they did fix the issue. Unfortunately, you are going to have find new strategy or move on. They are not going back.

Ah yes the day wouldn’t be complete without yet another “Charlie won’t taunt every time” thread.

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But still, they’re lying when they say that it has a “100% chance of taunting”. After this “correction”, it’s not 100%. I’m getting tired of this game.

Oh lol, there goes most ftp attack teams then

That is not correct the taunt always activates but they have a chance to resist with mods. Otherwise mods would be totally worthless.

For this character, yes. But the game is far from being balanced. And by the way I’m (was) paying Scopely every month - therefore even if I don’t spend much on this game, I do spend some amount.

Charlie was a way of countering some defenses… Now it’s impossible without the best / newest characters.

Try some new stuff like impairs on attack or ap down mods it isnt end of the world.

How do those work against what they stated, which was doc’s AS and raven’s AS?

docs as does nothing if he is impaired. raven going to have use a stun or confuse or kill her.

I’m using impairs. And I do use on all my characters ap down mods l. Still most top defense teams can counter that.
Please note that my defense team is also defending about half of attacks. But is far more annoying not being able to attack.