Charlie taunt bugged?

Not sure if this been said before, but ever since I’ve downloaded the beta update charlie taunt can now get resisted. Has that always been a thing? Before the update his taunt worked 100% but now not so much.

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The enemies you’ve faced probably have taunt resist mods. Taunt resist mods are now being utilized more because of the increase of taunt in recent toons (e.g. Ryan, Elle, Dr. Stevens, other Charlies, etc.)


We are waiting for @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely to confirm … The only people who have charlie being resisted right now are those in beta with new update … Anyone else still has a charlie immune to taunt resist mods

At first i was looking at it like this:

  1. I felt charlies weapon read correctly as its 100% taunt but thats without taking into account that enemy may have resist taunt and/or focus to counter. Bc other weapons are a “chance to taunt, stun, etc”.


  1. I thought about it this morning. Active skills for example are also a 100% but do not say 100%. The only way say Cole or Douglas can have their A/S taunts resisted is also through taunt resist or focus yet the A/S does not say 100%


  1. Since the release of Charlie no one has ever had him be resisted outside of toons under focus. So we all felt that the 100% axtually meant immune to a resist taunt mod.

My feelings id this after a lot of us talked about it last night i was on the side that yea it would make sense that the charlie weapon could be resisted but i no longer feel that is correct. The 100% should actually mean mods dont work vs him as it has never worked prior and with writing 100% on his weapon yet not using that term on A/S that are in fact guarantees to work if enemy doesnt have the correct resist mod.

They need to clearify if they are nerfing charlie now … Bc id highly suggest they dont. Itll be a massive blow to players … We also need to know for the fact many of us never adopted using taunt resist on our shields as stun is still more important on a shield depending on what region youre in. But if charlie can now be resisted then we need to know that scopley is on bs and we can also make sure to use taunt resist more bc it will be must have now.

Can’t say I use him a lot but when I do it’s because my doc Stevens gets taunt resisted. I have yet to see Charlie ever get resisted.

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It is mods bc hes in beta … Anyone not in beta has never had charlie resisted. And a few of us not on betas new update tested it last night. I ran mine vs 66% resist taunt w multiple attempts in each match … Also ive used him since day one of his release and have never ever had him not get his taunt off except due to focus or under 75% hp

If you want to see what others were saying last night.

I’ve never had him be resisted and I have been using him a lot since he came out. The only time other than focus when he didn’t work there were other fishy things going on in that battle so I don’t count that circumstance.


Weapons have always had “small chance to”, “better chance to”, “greater chance to”. You can’t compare that to an active skill, which has always been 100%. It’s two different things. 100% chance refers to the chance the weapon will proc. If it couldn’t be resisted before, that was a bug which is now being fixed.


Probably was a bug this whole time … But based on words they use on other weapon models and what they use on actives … Charlies weapon should say WILL TAUNT … It would be next in line after small/greater/better … The weapons special effects are not based on 20/40/60% wording as examples.

Also if this is how charlie is gonna now work they need to speak up and should have spoke up on it being oart of the update. And more importantly they need to leave charlie alone.

It says 100% and like i said if he would of been resisted from get go fine… Plenty of players in forums have talked about charlie and using him due to not being resisted… Also if these people actually played the game theyd have known about this bug easily. So there lies another problem … Employees who are not actively involved with their product.

Semantics, really. Ask a dozen people what it “should say” to communicate this and you’ll get a dozen different answers.

Agree this should have been called out in the patch notes.

Disagree if they play the game they should have known. I play. I didn’t know until someone told me.


I dont buy you not knowing lol =P

True on the semantics but semantics is also when theres no previous wordage to base anything off of.

And still you wouldnt be the only one in the company playing … If even a quarter of their company was actually involved with their product like they should - well someone would of been, hey is this intended? Lack of pride in ones work is a common theme though now a days so im not suprised they dont play their own game.

One of the best F2P toons the game ever had is now dead. Why I’m not surprised???

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Quelle surprise…Wanderer all over again…

Charlie hasn’t been resisted once…until this latest update.
There was not a single word from scopely that he was bugged before, and not a single word from them that he was being changed.
Completely ridiculous the way this goes down.

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Sadly it happened. I actually managed to get a screenshot of it if you want it.

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