Charlie not as expected

I can’t be the only one who thought Charlie’s knife ment that on an attack team you could use him to hit a shield and taunt it turn 1.
Not so… it is taunt on defence. This totally changes his use if indeed he still has one…

Thoughts please?


It never specified which it was so I always knew it could go 2 ways. Either way it barely scratches his usefulness.

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Wait for real? It’s on defense? The difference between on attack and defense is huge lol. It means those shields will never be taunted.


I always assumed it was a new mechanic style… regardless, Charlie is useful if you know how to use him. (Every character really).


If this is the case, that’s really poor wording of his weapon. But I knew there had to be a catch with him. 100 percent taunt on attack would be a nice promo weapon.


Yeah some can be used as benedict.


All can be used as a Benedict, and all can be used to benefit some team.

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It’s should be on atk and take damage . weapon stat not clear but scopley’d as always. Then will be new chr for p2w with best choice for weapon

Nice catch, thanks for pointing it out! Guess I pass then.

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Wait can someone explain his weapon then, cause it says 100% chance to taunt for 1 turn when your hp is above 75% that should taunt almost everyturn if im not mistaken right @LadyGeek


It doesn’t specify on his weapon If it’s attacking or defending… very misleading


More than likely it will tell you more once its in your inventory, the text differs from the toon screen.

Soon find out i guess, i took the plunge with him and hes 5* t4 now

When someone hits Charlie while he has more than 75% HP, the hitting toon will get taunted.

Actually that’s very sad, because we assumed we could taunt shields.
However, every toon that hits him will stay in a taunt loop as long as you have enough regen to keep him over 75% HP.


So let’s sum it up Regina is broken as a five star because on defence she uses her AR and it is an insta win for the person attacking and the weapon on Charlie isn’t what it seems as I would of bought him and used him in my attack team still going to buy him unsure how to use him now as I got Kal as I need the yellows

What the hell! I had enough tokens for him or Regina as an immediate buy. I went for him as everything I’d read said it was taunt on attack and a new shield killer.

An attack Toon with a defense weapon and a crappy active skill. I’ll just stay with Romonov, I think! At least his taunt is reliable.


Charlie’s active skill is incredibly useful, idk what you’re talking about.

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Someone who has Charlie post a as of his weapon in your inventory… I want to see it

So, I guess we all just buy Caroline and wait for Season 5?


It doesn’t say he taunts when taking damage, which leads me to the assumption that he gives taunt to enemies at the start of his or their turn.

@DeanWD @RedReaper
While I was going to make the case that he can operate as a character that applies bleed via his AR every other turn, I realized the magnificence of a character he can be while commutting to work.

It all revolves around his weapon, if my assumption is right, that would make him into the first non-human shield, human shield. His weapon doesn’t state that he gives taunt when attacking or when defending, which leads the assumption that he gives it either at the start of his turn or enemy turn. The extent of his weapon is also unknown, as he could give taunt to just 1 person or every person on the enemy team.

This makes him a very good counter to defense/tank teams that focus on revives/buffs with little offense rebuttal. By keeping Charlie above 75% HP, he could potentially taunt everyone on the enemy team, indefinitely. If they are taunted, they can’t use AR, actives, order of attack, or have a choice of who to attack. This gives him a significant advantage over being a human shield, as human shields only direct attacks towards him, nothing else.

I just started work, so if my assumptions are correct, he is a definite good counter to the tank revive meta. But time will tell to see if he’ll work as I’m assuming.

Edit: looks like it’s confirmed his taunt only applies when taking damage.


It doesn’t work like this. He needs to be attacked in order for his taunt to work. His weapon is near worthless.