Charlie his 100% Taunt is suddenly not 100% anymore?

I have seen a few topics about Charlie his weapon what has probably the most special ability (yet), it has a 100/100% Taunt chance.

I saw some people say “With resist mods they can resist.” Why are you talking so much crap dude?

100% should never be beaten by any mod if not equal or sure never by any lower.
Do not try to play mathgames with me.

Nothing is more pure then 100% itself.

Scopely, you need to fix this and in it’s original way.
Im not a F2P player but I use Charlie for his special weapon. At this moment you are crossing your own lines.
Everybody sees and reads 100%.
This is not a sum or a minus.
These are procents of chances.
Which means 100% ALWAYS succeeds.

Get this right as it was Scopely

Thanks you.


Nothing to do with math you just don’t understand how weapons work it’s 100% chance for the taunt to proc as opposed to the usual 35% (i think) but that doesn’t mean a taunt resist won’t work against it


Dont be daft Michelle, for example, has 100% chance to stun on her rush but no one complains about her getting getting resisted. He was bugged and fixed move on.


Michelle’s rush doesnt say 100% chance to stun, correct me if I am wrong. Charlie’s weapon says 100% chance. Which is an always succeed.


And you hit the nail on the head chance not guaranteed.


Like i said, talking in procents 100% is an always hit and should only be resisted by a 100% resist mod.

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100% is suppose to be guaranteed?

Uh no that chance is then used against the mods resistance roll.


Is there any higher procent then 100% chance? Uh no…?

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That doesnt change the fact it it rolls against defense. I’m sorry you were reliant on a bugged ability but it was fixed time to adjust.

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And I dont get why 100% should not get resisted but 50 should.


I feel as if I can discuss this with you for way too long. They didnt fix anything at all, they just screwed up a 100% chance. If they had made it 99% people would have believe it could have been resisted because there was 1% chance to not succeed. In a 100% chance there is 0% failure.

100% chance to taunt as in apply the effect. Like a stun sword has a 35% or so chance to stun and can still be resisted, Charlie’s weapon has a 100% chance to apply taunt but can still be resisted


I’ve used Charlie exclusively since he came out. When he was released my interpretation of how is weapon should work was that it could be resisted. I was pleasantly surprised when he never was resisted but I thought that should not be the case.

“100% chance” is meant in the same sense as “better chance” or “greater chance”. There is a percentage chance of it proc’ing and then mods get taken into affect afterwards. Two dice rolls. There is 100% chance that if his HP is over 75% the taunt will proc but it can be resisted. This is how it was intended to work and clearly they fixed it. You can look at it as a nerf but end of the day this is probably how they intended for it to work.

The chance is independent of whether or not it gets resisted by mods. Plain and simple.


It’s an always taunt like the weapon will always proc the taunt unlike a regular let’s say Stun weapon will only proc the stun about 35% of the time but no weapon guarantees it’ll work like a stun under your argument would work every time against any stun resist mod that’s 35% or more and that’s not the case

^the two dice rolls is the best way to describe it


Ok I don’t know how many games you’ve played but the way it works is pretty common regardless of how it’s worded. His weapon works the same way as every other weapon in the game.

If I have a stun gun or green stun and it activates then does that mean that it should ignore mods? In that case what would be the point. More taunt toons have been released like the guitar man and doc came back so people are countering the meta using taunt resist. They are never going to change this and most people wouldn’t want them to.

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Does disarm work against him?

Yes you can disarm him but be careful of manic


Active/AR skills are 100% chance to apply. They can also be resisted with mods. You can’t say that his weapon should never be resisted, when other mechanics, which also apply effects 100% of the time, can be resisted. The logic has to cut both ways.

tl;dr, Charlie’s weapon was bugged that mod resist didn’t work on him before, now he’s fixed so that resist mods work on his weapon, just like how resist mods work with every other weapon, active, and AR.


You can use Piper her AS as disarm. You wont have to worry about manic anymore.
Neither about the 100% if you have resist mods.