Charlie 100% taunt getting resisted

So I’ve been noticing in a lot of my raids that Charlie’s taunt has been getting resisted for some reason when that should not happen since it is “100%”. Anyone else having this issue?

It’s a 100% chance to apply taunt… then there are taunt resist mods which provide a certain % chance to resist it.


It’s a 100% chance to taunt, as in apply the effect, the resists can still come into play. Think like a stun sword, that chance it has to stun is like 35%. While Charlie’s is 100

Either the toon you attacked had focus or your health was under 75% I think


Honestly I have only once had Charlie’s taunt not work once when not focused. I use him a lot and pay close attention it to. The only time it didn’t work, it showed up as if it worked, the toon didn’t have focus, that same match up stunned toons were still rushing. So I chalk that one up to bugs or hacks.

I should say focus does ignore Charlie’s taunt.

It’s 100% to apply taunt. Resist taunt mods still can resist it and focus ignores it

The only time I’ve ever seen Charlie’s weapon get resisted was yesterday during a raid. From the whole time he was out it never got resisted for me.

It’s been happening since last update, even with taunt resist mods, it’s a 100% chance so it shouldn’t be possible to be resisted, and the characters do not have focus or anything since it happens turn 1.


As others before me have said, 100% chance to proc. It can still be resisted.

The whole point of the word resist is to resist it’s not a definite proc when resist comes in to play it may say 100% to taunt but itll resist when the resist mod procs. I hope I got the wording right

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Right, thanks fellas. :slight_smile:

Tbh i am with others … A lot understand it means 100% will taunt instead of chance too taunt…

Then having a taunt resist can still negate charlie…

However … Many of us started thinking it was actual will always taunt regardless bc i have never had charlie not get a taunt off except when focus is in play

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One of main reasons i never put taunt resist on my shield until that update … I and no one in my faction has ever had charlie resisted. So we all felt taunt resist was a waste w Charlie’s out there.

I really don’t think mine has been resisted. And he shouldn’t!!! But this is crazy stupid Scopely land where 100% doesn’t mean 100%

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False, charlie taunt weapon can’t be resisted.
I literally never had charlie get resisted i even dueled someone about 50 times against a high taunt resist mod and taunt worked everytime


There are so many focus toons out there and sometimes you guys don’t realize what 75% hp looks like

Chance-a possibility of something happening

False, mine was resisted yesterday.

Why is everyone questioning his weapon all of the sudden? He can’t be resisted and never have.

I will test tomorrow unless this update did something to his weapon