Charged Twice for Survivor Club

I subscribed to SC on November 29th and charged $24.99 once the trail period ran out. Last nite after logging on, the game announced my subscription had run out, so I would not be able to pull for Holly. I didn’t really think it through, so I re-subscribed for $24.99 (thinking my Nov 29th subscription had run out), but after thinking about it, I checked my receipts and discovered that my original date was the 29th. Checked my Play Store Subscriptions, and it says I have 2 SC accounts now (only getting the one pull per day though). I contacted Scopely and of course, all I got was the “send us receipts” delay/bs. Really want a refund here or at least 2 pulls per day and then I’ll cancel one of them. Suggestions??

They are not going to change the coding to give you 2 pulls a day. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Get a return on your money for the extra charge.


go through google and have them take out and refund one sub cause of redundancy.

Where whom in Google would I contact? Went to Play Store and there’s no contact info

weird. there should be a place to contact cs. in the play store. in the upper left hand corner theres those three lines icon that brings up a menu. if you click on that and go to the bottom to ‘about google play’ you should see what youre looking for. either answers to common questions or start a conversation with google help will get you where you need to go.

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