Charged for Free trial!?


What the hell, I’ve been back for less than 24 hours on a new account and I’m already writing this???

I got the survivor’s club free trial (at least, it said it was free!) today, and planned on cancelling the resubscription. Instead I received a 25$ charge immediately after getting the trial!

I will take action on this. This is false advertising. You can’t charge me $25 for a free trial!

I’m serious, the absolute audacity to tell me I have a 7 day free trial and then charging me before a single hour has passed is mind-blowing. This bug needs to be fixed and I need my money back.


Have you tried doing the free trial before?


Yes, I got it on my old account before I abandoned it and started fresh. But it said 7 day free trial!! That’s why I did it again! I thought I must get a different trial because it’s a different account. I saw it because the top ranked player had it, and it had a 7-day free trial next to it!! I’m pissed


Nope. The SC subscription isn’t based on your game accounts, but your actual apple/google play account. You’ve had the subscription before on whatever account you’ve used and you’ve bought it thinking you’d get it again on a fresh account.


I hear you, but it literally said free trial. Idk if it’s a visual bug or what. But it said free trial


I don’t think it’s either. I think if you’re using a fresh account they just interpret you’ve never had the trial


Right, so it acted as if I had never had the trial and told me I could get a free 7 day trial! But it billed me for something completely different! I’m calling apple about it now


i am sorry to say but you will not get the money back for this it is 1 free trial time to a person not the account in the game

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Then it’s not supposed to be a free trial since you’ve already done it.


I know it’s not meant to be that way, but the problem here is that the game told me it was a free trial but it billed me for it.

I don’t care if it’s a visual bug due to switching accounts, that’s still false advertising.

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If you want to get into the legality of it, the ToS has enough wiggle room that could be argued that you knowingly tried to take advantage of a second free trial. By doing so, the ToS you signed prevents them from being liable because you knowingly tried to exploit the game.

But not like I really care anyways since Apple/Google could refund it easily.


But I didn’t knowingly try to do any of that. I just assumed I got one because it’s not even the same account, and it told me I did.


Considering that the trial required a credit card on an Apple/Google account, it could be argued that you should have had the idea that it was exploiting. It’s one of those legality reasonings that just because you didn’t know it was illegal, doesn’t exempt you from the fact that you did some illegal.

I don’t really care to dig into the fine print of the subscription itself, so theoretically there might or might not be something about how it’s tied to your Apple/Google account. But like I said, Apple/Google would easily refund it.


I did something Illegal? Haha what?

Anyway, I went into my subscription, and even that says I have a free trial subscription. I screenshot it, so I guess I should be fine.

But warning to all players: even if it says you have a free trial available, if you’ve used it before it’s not really free!!


The illegal thing was an example of how ignorance of the law doesn’t exempt it, not really about your trial thing.


I’m not a lawyer, but at the very least you should’ve got a notice that you had already used your free trial and now you’ll be charged. The game and the subscription service are not in sync with each other, and it’s Scopelys responsibility to make it clear that you’re about to be charged. You can’t one click an offer without getting another pop up that you’re being charged x amount from x payment method so this should be the same

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