Charged coins for opening food bags

I was confused where thousands of my coins had disappeared to when I had not purchased anything.

This was until I realised after contacting scopely that I was being charged coins for food resources which only an idiot would buy.

The real reason I was losing coins was from through the new level up system which allows you to choose between using gear tokens, coins or using food resources in your inventory.

If the food bags you open through this option does not cover the food required to level up, the game automatically charges you coins when you back out and doesn’t give you the option to use gear tokens.

Now scopely is refusing to take any responsibility for charging me coins without me choosing that option. So if anyone has opened their food bags from within the new level up menu you may have been charged coins for it.

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Daft question as sympathise but why not ensure have the food before to level up?

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I did try this with the 1 Mil food bags just now, and this did not charge any coins. You have 3 options; inventory, coins or markers. I suppose you have clicked on the coins button by accident. Can happen.


I only wanted to use one food bag and then the rest with gear tokens but it automatically uses coins after backing out of the inventory screen.

Nope, twice I have opened 1m food bags through the inventory menu then backed out and it automatically charged me coins. First time around 900 and second time around 500.

This all sounds as if your account is bugged, they should review your account (which probably never happens) since this might affect only you for now.

I would say keep contacting support if it’s not user error on your part not paying attention.

Or if made any coin purchase maybe contact googlies/play/Istore and ask for them to refer fundo although will result in coin negativity afterwards

In fairness, one of the “features” of the new level up system is supposed to be being able to continue levelling without constantly having to go out of the level up screen to top up on food. You could max out your food and only do a few levels on an S-Class or high level 6*, so its useful to have that option.

If what the OP is saying is true (I haven’t tried it myself) this is clearly a flaw in that system. It shouldn’t give you the option to use food bags if those bags don’t contain enough food for the amount of levels you’re trying to do. Just like if you don’t have enough gear tokens the option is greyed out.


That’s it tho I got wise early one when got the MAX button… learnt it used trainers indiscriminately using 2 bennies over 150 basic 2*… found to annoying as use simple fodder on all toons under T4 especially sclass seeing as they take an age to max.

Ah the new league system solved it for f2p me, no coins, none of those issues lool

Fr, hope you get it sorted, keep hitting the support up, all the best.

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Oh, please don’t feel safe because you don’t have coins.

This bug will send your coins negative if you don’t have enough.


Negative coins? … I’m speechless

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I tried to recreate this problem myself and couldn’t. When I had no bags in inventory, had just coins or gears to choose (always chose gear tokens of course). Now after the war stash, I have the “Inventory” button, which shows me all bags that can get me food (the 1M bags, but I guess it could show even the measly scav bags with random 1* or 250 food in it). I can open as many I like, but if not maxed out, I can always go back to the decision screen that says either inventory, coins or gears. Noting force-chooses anything for me.

However, once I open more food than was necessary, the character is instantly levelled. I believe the problem (sorry if the OP described it clearly, I haven’t understood it straight away) lies in the fact that when you don’t have enough bags, it might force level your toon without the choice and consuming coins automatically for any food that is still missing.

This problem could be simulated if you have just one or two 1M food bags (I have way too many) and set up your food/level target jus slightly above the 1M/2M food requirement to observe if when using all you gor you get the choice to top up with gear tokens or coins (as you should) or will be force-leveled stealing your coins (which should be very few if the chosen level target was right)

My simulation - Lilly needs some 1.05M food more than I got

Given the option, picked inventory

Picking one of the food bags

Exiting the inventory, again the choice

Picked inventory again and opened a bag, Lilly gets levelled immediately

I’ve heard of this happening to others too. It actually put their coins in a negative and then was explained my support what happened and they reset to zero

It happened to me twice and i was refunded the coins via support so contact them Asap

Lo mismo aca, ahora acabe de subir algunos personajes y me cobraron 1400 monedas y eso que no seleccione monedas, solo marcadores de equipo y bolsa de 1M de comida

No sé porque hay estos tipos de problemas de que se cobren las monedas espero que cuando me queje en soporte me devuelvan las monedas que no gaste

Seriously, lol
This is hilarious
I can’t stop laughing when I read it.

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Not laughing anymore myself, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just got some ~800 coins stolen from me - not during lvl up (all worked similar to the screenshots with Lilly above), but when using the food bag to get enough to upgrade tier on my Doc (708k food needed), he got upgraded and yet my food was showing an exact 1M… Smelling trouble I went to check the coin account and instead of some 1320+ I suddenly had 501 only…

Contacted support, maybe there will be a lucky star shining on me and they will get guilty conscience to fix my coins back…

Exactly what happened to me twice, lost around 1500 coins. They refused to give me my coins back even though they’ve confirmed it’s a bug.