Characters We NEED!


For something a little different than complaining about events and cheating (not saying these aren’t worth complaining about, just a change of pace Thread).


  1. Don’t be too detailed. I don’t think Scopely can take verbatim things (like making up an AR, saying something like X should be a Tank should be fine).

  2. Characters from the comics, novels, TellTale games, or very vague types. Again, we don’t want to screw ourselves out of something.

  3. Feel free to mention characters we already have, but with a different trait they don’t have or from a part of the story we don’t have (but not required, that’s why we have Road to Survival and Kirkman presents).

  4. Assume all of these are 5* with 6* Acensions. Mention it if you want the character to be otherwise.

Anyways… here’s mine:

  1. Alice! Seriously, we have Dr. Stevens as a 5* star when he gets himself killed almost immediately. Alice stuck around a lot longer and was pretty badass when she got a chance.

  2. More TellTale characters. Not just different versions of Lee and Clementine (I wouldn’t complain though), but characters we don’t have yet. Season 2 has pretty much no one. Hell, Carver probably would have made a good addition to the New Threat (I love Dwight and his new 5*, but he’s never really been a villain).

  3. Does Dale have a 5*? If not, he really should. He’s a classic character.

  4. Princess. She’s awesome. Of course, I understand holding off on her until we learn more. I suspect/hope she’s going to be the next big threat like The Governor or Negan.

  5. Penny. Yes. I know she’s a zombie. But she was sorta with the humans. Trust me. She will be awesome. As long as she isn’t absolutely terrible, some people will run her simply because she’s a little zombie girl. Oh! A cool idea. Dip into the novels. Have normal child Penny as a 5* and zombie Penny as her Ascended 6*! That would be awesome!


This character is what we need!


How about Doug (Telltale),Luke (Telltale),Hershel (Telltale),Bruce (Alexandria,Besides tough)More Aaron’s, A new Kal,A Legendary Greg,Lydia,New Sophia,5* dale,Alice,Dexter,Thomas and a new axel


We need a 6* MARK! Please @kalishane