Characters to ascend


Hello. Good Morning. I would like to congratulate you for the great game and at the same time make some criticism. There is a little more than a month that I am playing this game, I already spent good money buying coins to buy the characters, but it is very difficult to leave characters to ascend. I have around 100 characters all taken from the star recruits pack and I have not got a single character that can ascend. I have 8 epics and none of them can ascend. Not even the Abraham that I bought in the promotional package you made. I would also like to comment that it is very time consuming to restore the fuel in the game. Be it assault, territory or the normal. It is also very time consuming the construction of the buildings. Please, please review these issues, as the game has only benefited veteran users in this way. Thankful. Ass: Leonardo


It is a very long and hard grind for new players or ones starting over. But sadly everyone has gone through it. It would be nice to see them provide some type of starter package for first time players so they dont hit a wall early and quit. Really until you work your way to level 50 and have a few 5 stars thisbgame can be very difficult.
My best advice is be very active, dont let energy go to waste and join a faction that wants to help newer players learn and grow.


This game does not benefit veteran players anymore you are coming into the game at its sunset mode.


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