Characters Seasson 3



Nik is like a worse, not as useful, FTP fast version of Dale.

I get to save all my points and cans, etc for a whole season so im kinda happy, @JB.Scopely take it to the team, thank you for the vacation


Guess Garrett is better than those new characters: “Nik and Shawn: Road to Cap and Jackets #1

Well only one I’m getting is Gar , my wife will be happy I won’t be spending for awhile

Scopely it’s like your not even trying on purpose now nobody can be this out of touch with the game to think those 2 new toons would compliment anybody’s teams. And the fact they need special gear too lmao


Yup no need to spend for awhile and grind for these toons, in a way this is great giving me a vacation


Change Shawn back to Disarm .It’s so Obvious what you did there.

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That’s what I don’t get 1 disarm toon ain’t gunna throw out any balance would just be a cool thing to do , plus the command is virtually a yellow kelly lol


The gap is strong with this one

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So disappointing that is not a ftp disarm. Guess i still save up. I mean toon has potential, but not what I was looking for. Guess I go burn/bleed team.

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