Characters Growing Spurt

Is anybody else still experiencing the bug in which one of your characters will become a giant when using the AR?? And they said the fixed this in the Ascendance update??


Only cool bug in this game, keep it please


Where you been? It never went away.


No, the devs said this cant be fixed unless they slow down combat. We do not want slower combat.

Also, giant toons are awesome. WTF?


It is by far the most entertaining bug in the game.

Love to see my one armed giant Governor stomping all over the enemy.


I thought it was a cool feature - please spend no time on this issue - plenty of work for the developers as is!!!


Would a giant 5* blue Bruce launch the equivalent of a nuke out of his nade launcher
Would a giant Romanov set a entire state on fire
Would a giant minigun viktor compete against lord tachanka
Or wouldnt a giant mirabewbs
Have bigger… OK we well skip that one
But we cannot test theese without this bug


I honestly hope you’re joking, if not you get scared very easily.

Ah ok I can relate but to something else.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

If you mean you know what I can relate to (meaning which phobia I have) I doubt it lol.

@discobot display help

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@discobot roll 2d6

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I actually have a phobia of sea and ocean water, unless It’s like a beach or lake or something along those lines. Mainly creatures inside the water (sharks, whales, etc)

Idk, I just get an urge to look away whenever I see a shark or whale or water (ocean or sea) in general. Whenever I see something like that I almost have a heart attack.

I don’t really watch nature programs. In fact I don’t like watching anything shark related lol (some animated shows or movies I can watch since it’s not really the same thing)

Not that I know of lol, I know I’ve been that way since I was young though.