Characters exchange


hey folks! everyone has doubles of some characters or non useable characters, and I just what to know can developers add a characters exchange in game? it will be very usefully, especially for epic (5+ stars) characters.


It would be super useful and everyone would love it! But if you were a money-hungry, monstrous “entertainment” network such as Scopley, where would the money in that be? Nowhere. Therefore it will never be considered, much less added. Good idea, though!


Not good idea you will see people trade to a 1k rep player maxed out 5*


Not sure how many maxed 5* I have but most don’t uses plus doubles of ascends at 5* right now all it’s going to lead to is people calling person a hacker


I could give some1 ty, Glenn, yumiko, negan and siddiq that I have no plans on 6* already either maxed or almost maxed at 5*


A hacker would give his entire faction 5 of everthing then get banned. And his faction now has 5 of every1.


I doubt it’s the money, because it would be very easy to monetize. It’s the policing.

Take this example: I start a noob account, log onto everyone’s favourite Russian social media site and purchase some characters. I then transfer them to my main account. Main account can’t be banned because they wouldn’t be proof the main account knew the cheating account had purchased the toons from a hack


Or people selling toons on eBay
Or people starting new accounts using the free coins to buy toons and load up your main account
People “quitting” giving their entire roster away
People stealing accounts and trading rosters away
It’s against Apple TOS
So many reasons other than money…


Better option would be character trade in.

Run it like the museum collections and you can trade in one of each specific set of toons for a specific six star.

Example: collection called shielded

All 5 star shield toons, maxed at level 80 T4

Trade in to receive blue magna 6*
I would put yellow 6* Jesus but they ain’t gonna give away the top top toons. Or a box with a set of 6* shield toons in so it is still RNG?

Giver of life: collection of 5* revives to trade in for Erika or Dante etc.

Rick rolled: collection of 5* Rixk characters trade in for 6* Rick

Rinse and repeat as required. Available permanently in the museum with an availability of 1/1 on each collection.


Yah lets do that I have 3 michonne and 4 lee


I’m sure my roster is like most that have been playing for long time have like 200 5*


Sp is horrible for them so I don’t sell them plus 5* trainers are so easy to get now there never food


If this were to happen, it would be crazy limited. I’m talking about 1 f2p exchange per week.


maybe a exchange like a ten 5* for an ascendable?


I’m telling you all not a good idea you will see whales make accounts have 1 that’s 1k rep that’s s8 account


Plus if default weapon carries over you will be facing legendary weapons out the gate


I’d trade my 3 6* dupes for 1 5*ascendable I haven’t got.

Bruce, Dev or Red Madison would be perfect.

I hate getting dupe 6*…as I feel there too special to get rid of but I don’t want them
I don’t need Supply tokens…I want rid but at a fair deal.


what dupes did u get


Wouldnt mind an exchange but Scopely would have to carefully consider certain restrictions.


Dwight, Spencer and Eugene Red

About 10+ 5* ascendable dupes. Jesus, Yellow Tyrease, Kal, Andrea, Hershel, Victor etc…