Characters available with comics in museum

It’s really a tough decision not sure what to do but I have SC Andrea and Ajax but Jesus is pretty good

Yeah. I have a harder time with Jesus than Andrea. Andrea is squishy

I would pass if you have Andrea. Most players can handle shields these days and I can’t imagine needing two of the same trait.

Ok thank I will do a RNG with this one :joy::joy:

Because this game is a buggy mess. :laugh:

Trust us there is a timer and they made it impossible to collect unless you were sitting on the comics, to begin with.


Without having been in SC, I guess I won’t be getting the comics in 21 days for Jesus. Scopely really is the worst company. None of this stuff is ever made clear, on purpose I believe. It’s all about the compulsive gamblers.

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Im trying to get 3 15 comics from ricks so I can get jesus. If they run out I’ll save them incase of another toon.

Have you not noticed that free to play can’t even get Zack in the first place which is bs because you can only do 7 of those rick statue things to begin with which is bs they should allow people to get as many of them as they want because by the time they get enough of them anyway the toon will be Irrelevant anyway so why not let them get it if they choose to save for that one

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That was stupid

For some stupid reason the timers disappeared (for me at least) as soon as i collected the 15 comics from weekly missions. Yet on a region with no comics the timer still shows

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What was?

Ehh,you can do better then that

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