Characters available with comics in museum

Please SCOPELY is it possible to extend time limit to collect comics for characters in museum ? It was really too short. For the first time you give us good rewards you could let us enough time to earn them no?


I feel like they were just dangling a carrot in front of everyone with these collections. The whole move seems like they wanted people to either keep their sc memberships or new people to sign up if they thought they could receive the characters. It doesn’t seem like there was any real intention for the characters to actually be obtainable.


We’re doomed!

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I got jesus from not upgrading andrea. So I got something good at least

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There is no timer on the museum collection for zac and Jesus

Yea there is. There’s 21 days left to redeem zach, donny or jesus.

Where did u see the timer cause I’m not seeing any

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See there’s no timer for me

It’s a bug, too many timers in the museum will cause some not to show up. You only have 20 days or so left.


Thank bro cause I didn’t have any clue

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I might as well go claims Jesus cause I won’t be getting zac

Spot on.

Perhaps they will cycle new toons after these expire. That would make sense, but then again, it’s scopely.

I’d prefer Zachary… But i think it’s dead… I will never have 100 comics in 20 days…

Yea I won’t get him either but I assume they will put a new premier in the next batch for 160 so I will keep saving mine. I mean, the axe collections for comics go on for a while so they have to put new toons in there one would think.

So it’s best not to claim Jesus ??

I can’t answer that. Depends if you think he will make a difference on your team. It would be nice to get an answer from scoeply as to if there will be more toons coming out. Worth a shot.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

That’s difficult to say. I waited instead of getting red zeke in firdt leagues store and have regretted it since. But better toons may come for you