Characters as rewards?

Is there any chance you could add characters back as rewards for level ups, raids and wars.


Do they ever give us what we want? The answer lies within.

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Nah they don’t but we’ve got to try

We only ever got two answers regarding as to why they wouldn’t.

That they were glitched when made as rewards (For whatever reason) and that they would break the meta…

lol I remember the visual glitch excuse they gave along time ago


I wouldn’t be opposed to coins as rewards. Sure, with my luck I’d get all 4* toons, but I’d rather get a reasonable chance at a promo character. They’re all about gambling, why not let players pull from the 5* wheel with coins too and then the player can decide where to use them.


I’d be down for that.

This Is the only mobile game I can think of which rewards virtually 0 in game currency. 15 coins for finishing the daily missions is a joke, and dealing with Tapjoy is a part-time job. Scav missions get you the occasional 50, but when it will take an average player upwards of 30k gold to pull a premier, those numbers aren’t even drops in the bucket.

They won’t give out coins for rewards because they internally value them as though they were actual gold.


Yes please.

I wrote this in another thread but I think it warrants a repeat post in here.


As long as people keep coining and spending on tournaments with this prizes structure, they have absolutely 0 reasons to change.

Pride has taken over the game. People coin and coin just to finish ahead just for bragging rights. It boggles me how one can spend absurd amounts of coins just to get, for the most part, ascension fodder.

You may debate that every char will get ascended someday, but it isn’t going to be soon enough. So yeah, they’re throwing their coins at, pretty much, f2p material.

Keep feeding the machine, that’s the way to go… smh


Highly wish there was someone at scopely who actually cared about this game as much as some of the fans do, wish scopes would respect and uphold the walking dead franchise wish a game worthy of using the franchise it milks money from and abuses it’s diehard fans, sure people spend but there is a reason to change which is if they actually listened to anyone besides themselves they would probably make more and have a more happy fanbase <3

The Yes-Men are too weak for that, though all we can do is remain hopeful.

Always thought that too. The only mobile game that is impossible (virtually) for f2p to obtain any promo toon, most let you unlock them after a long grind.

It’s so funny, back in the old days, when they gave us new 5* characters for war rewards everyone complained about that only the top 3 factions can get 5*, its ruining the game cause there is no way to catch them after a few war, its P2W etc etc. etc. give us something else!! Scopely changed it to tokens and everyone was sooo happy. Yaay thank you Scopely finally, u are the best…And now after a few months/year people like booooo Scopely, give us characters!!! xDD Nooooo! we don’t need characters, it would totally ruin everything again. Just make a frickin 6* wheel and everyone will be happy…well till 7* arrives. :DDD

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It drove competition though. People actually cared about the reward and fought hard for it, sure the lower factions complained but those with sense moved up.

Nowadays who cares if you finish 1st or 25th? Tokens are absolutely worthless and aren’t anywhere near as good as an exclusive toon.


Yeah they cared…toooo much, i was in a top3 fac back in those days so i know what happened. Kick loyal good players for whales, losing on purpose so u get the 2-3 place reward if those were better, holding up other factions etc. etc. there was sooo many negatíive drama stuff.
And the complainers moved up to where? Yeah maybe if a few player left the top factions there was some open spaces but that was it. There was nowhere to move. And u know some people were actually loyal to their mates but still they wanted some okay rewards without leaving his friends like a frickin mercenary…

Soo no, character rewards are the worst, tokens are good, not the 5* tokens, but as i said, make a 6* wheel and thats it.

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How could giving some basic ass 6s toons to top players who mostly use promo toons gonna break the meta scopes

It breaks the current of MoneyEnteringTheAccount perhaps.

As long as the same top factions are always taking 1st 2nd and 3rd and not allowing new people to join their factions because of grudges and childish reasons and being greedy I don’t think it is a good idea to add characters as rewards. If Scopely would like to go back to seeing people having spending wars to stay in top 3 then they will go the route as soon as possible knowing full well that is what will happen, and they haven’t yet, so all those people always saying “money grab” this and “greedy scopely” that have no room to say that at all, because if that were the case then characters would be top 3 rewards already by now. As people have already mentioned, you still have people paying money to stay top 3 in tournaments without characters as rewards, lol.