Character Wheel of Fortune


If you create a Wheel of Fortune system that allow the players to test your lucky by giving his own characters for a chance to get a better one? Example: You choose 3 ascendable characters in your legion for chance to get one legendary character on the Wheel of Fortune.

It would be a Very Nice system!

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The main issue is that the absolute last thing the game needs is more RNG, pretty much everything in the game is a wheel of (mis-)fortune. Also, not sure how long you have been playing but with these wheels Scopely always put in booby prizes and then heavily weight the odds towards those. I suppose technically you could argue that you weren’t using those characters anyway so you may as well, but most are rightfully jaded with RNG at the moment.

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I already pull 20x on the new elite wheel with new ascendables and got 20 4* crap, not even one 5*. Please no more RNG ideas

u really need some lady luck

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