Character trading will NEVER happen, sadly. (Uncomfirmed)


Based off the recent information I have been given until this post, there isn’t any way they’re going to implement trading with yourself from a different region, or with different people in the same region. While I don’t have any proof to help my statement, based off the information my friends and I know, they’re not implementing any trading system of sort anytime soon.
If anyone has any information on the topic, feel free to share it.
Also, don’t ask Scopley if this will happen, they’ll just redirect you to here. I would know.


Oh… ok.


Trading was never going to be a thing, and it’s not sad, the game is better without it!


It shouldn’t be a thing anyway.
Also, trading purchases is against app store rules.


I think moving my 5*s from a newer region to my older region should be acceptable


Let me get trades my new 4th account will be s2 in a day haha


I’m sure many of us are aware of how this could be abused before Scopely even had any thoughts of this.


Based on the recent information I have been given

We have no proof

So what bloody information where you given


Here’s the simplest explanation

It will hurt their profits , so they won’t even consider it , that’s all the information you need to come to the conclusion that scopely will never put the players first

Profits, then players .


That, and Mr Russian will be able to trade hacked toons a lot easier.


Sadly the predicable abuse will be the reason trades will never happen.

Players should however, be able to transfer between regions, but whole teams, not in the sense that you could transfer individual toons between regions indefinitely


If they want to make money assign every item a value and then charge 10% of that in coins to complete the trade from both parties.

For example, a 5 star is given 1000 as it’s value. Therefore it costs 100 coins from each party to finalize the trade.

If they are worried about people exploiting newer regions then just disallow cross region training.


You don’t see trading of purchaseable items in App Store games because it’s against apple’s rules. Scopely couldn’t implement it even if they wanted to.


Always the reoccurring topic … sigh trading should never occur because it fosters black markets. Can we end this topic forever.