Character store!

I think a good idea would be to create a character store between the players! As an example of the FIFA Ultimate Team, you expose a character and people buy it. Many have accumulated a lot of duplicates!

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Yeah it’s called the Supply depot


A supply depot update would be great now that I’m thinking about it


I don’t get exactly what ur asking can you show us examples of how fifa did it so we can get a better idea of what you’re talking about.


No, the warehouse is a bit wrong. I just about the fact that a person could sell his character with the level of pumping which he reached! For example, you have Lori 6 * 3 class 80 lvl, you put it on the market (the game itself determines the maximum and minimum price, depending on the degree of pumping and rarity, you choose the price you need from the range, I go to the market and buy)

This is the only thing I don’t like I don’t want the game to decide anything for me.

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This will exclude the possibility of cheaters to sell very rare characters for 1 coin!

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This will eliminate the possibility of dishonest players selling very rare characters for 1 coin!

if there was a trade characters between player feature, would make it easier for the hackers to get toons to people, before anything like this can even be thought of implamented, all the hackers/ cheaters have to be removed from game

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But I wanna get some Toons for 1 coin tho that’s the great part about it and having the choice to do whatever you want with your toon.

That’s why I created this post! Let’s discuss how to minimize the benefits of dishonest players in this moment!

Yes, me too!) But this will cause too much growth in the participation of dishonest players in such a market!

I understand that but maybe put a minimum instead of a set price

Perhaps Google translator incorrectly translated) I meant the minimum threshold and maximum threshold, and you choose from the proposed range!

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Ohhhh yeah that’s good perfect :+1:

So something like the Auction House from NBA Live Mobile. But more specifically, you want something like Shipments from Star Wars: GoH. The option to buy toons we want for thousands of coins would be great for people who don’t want to gamble on a wheel full of bad options. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Scopely through this game is that they love a betting man with a taste for high stakes.


there is one BUT! for developers, someone has already turned the roulette, I think my proposal will be well received by the gaming community!

Well received by the community, yes! This is a great idea actually! I would spend real money on something like this instead of rng crap. The thing is this wont be well received by the executives at scopely cause well they have no idea actually about gaming and that they could actually make more money by doing right by the players, bethseda, blizzard, techland, just to name a few that scope should take a note from.

To be honest, I would quickly buy 8,000 coins to buy in such a market (as I suggested) than for the wheel of good luck. And if such a regime is introduced, then I will also start buying gold. I can create such a discussion on Vkontakte if the developers take note of it. Tell who to contact to accept it? I voiced this proposal and many people responded to it and F2P and P2P someone is glad that he gets rid of his duplicates and someone is ready to buy gold to buy a favorite character!