Character Spotlight: Zander

I hope that’s what people do, i do, all bitching of mine is at scopely and not GR or JB, tho communicating is a must! I understand they can only do/say what is allowed, maybe some people have never had a job but you follow the orders your boss gives you or you get fired, not brown nosing here but they really are just the messengers and i feel like a lot of people forget that and dont understand in todays economy how hard it is to get a job let alone one having to do with video games

Wow! My post questioning GR’s priority about posting a promo and not acknowledging the ongoing frustration about players getting locked got flággèd and then removed?

You guys have absolutely no shame. Not one bit.


Haha probably removed because u hit the nail right on the head. They don’t want to acknowledge or comment on their priorities.

They made a mistake rolling out this half baked event that people farmed for coins, and now to prevent coin farming, they are changing the Sched, at the expense of all players being inconvenienced by being locked into their factions for a long time.

Hard to explain that they prioritise protecting their coins and short term revenues versus the feelings of the entire player base lol. So better just keep quiet and also stop other comments on the topic.

wE jUsT gOt sAwYeR

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Why is she dark?

That was at least a month ago and he was the only one in the past 3 months and I’m not sure he really counts because just how many people actually had him to begin with?

They tried to sell him for $50 bucks but they forgot to make him useful. Craptacular toon and a total waste of resources.

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I know,it was a joke.

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I figured as much coming from you but wasn’t 100% sure.

That’s why you gotta use the :wink: or my favorite :smirk: after the comment so we know it’s tongue in cheek.

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Emojis? Wack.

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Embrace the smirk. Do it!



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you start publishing and publicizing this pg among other things, and you don’t mind the real problems. just think about money and in the meantime not even a post that clarifies how you want to solve the problem of having trapped people in factions with no possibility of movement. every day that passes you are more and more ridiculous

We can get the same as last year :blush::wink:. We can go to the gym?

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