Character Spotlight: Zander

Character Spotlight: Zander

Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 1,824

Attack: 1,771

Defense: 1,771


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 500% Damage to one enemy. That enemy gets Impair for 3 turns and -85 AP. One teammate gains +100% AP.

NEW Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Effect: Up to 3 enemies get Disarm for 3 turns. This character gains +35% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Command

Effect: When this character defends, the previous ally to take an action this turn will receive a bonus action. That ally will be unable to act the next turn.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When being attacked, a better chance to gain +20% AP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Enemy AP Control

  • Zander is great for heavily hamstringing a targeted enemy.

  • Zander’s Rush causes the enemy to be Impaired for 3 turns.

  • Even if Impair is resisted or recovered, Zander’s Rush also removes 85 AP from the same enemy. This makes it very challenging for that character to Rush.

Mass Disarm

  • First Active Skill Disarm effect that can set up your team for success.

  • Will apply to 3 enemies for 3 turns; making hit more enemies and last longer than the traditional Disarming Specialist Skill.

Empowering Allies

  • Zander comes with Command, allowing for your team to use more diverse tactical play while in combat.

  • His Rush also gives 100% AP to an ally, allowing for Rushes to occur more regularly.

  • Since Zander is likely going to use Command regularly, his weapon gives a chance for him +20% AP when being attacked, enabling him to use Command and still Rush semi-regularly.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Zander teams to get your creativity flowing:

Character Bio

Zander and his wife were recently retired after a lifetime of hard work and saving, with the hopes of traveling the world together. However, shortly after the apocalypse, Zander’s wife died due to medical complications (unable to find treatment), and Zander ultimately had to kill his wife as she began to turn. He decided that in the memory of his loving wife, he would set out to see the world, meet new people, and to live life to the fullest.

Zander prefers enjoying the simplicity in life, and values the craftsmanship of things made by people. He is polite to everyone he meets, regardless of how they present themselves to him. That said, he’s not afraid to defend the people he cares about, and be a voice of reason during difficult trials. Zander is currently residing in the Kingdom after needing to recover from a close Walker encounter, but hopes to continue his worldly journey (hopefully with some new friends) in the future.


I will pass, thanx.


Im good lol i think a lot of people are good also tbh and those team comps… Geez those are bad but ok


We dont want promo characters.

#Change my mind#


Thanks,For no Legacies.


Thanks for ripping off Negan’s backstory.
Also I love how on every single one of these suggested team comps there’s obviously the F2P one, like Scopely expects a F2P to be able to get this guy…


you start publishing and publicizing this pg among other things, and you don’t mind the real problems. just think about money and in the meantime not even a post that clarifies how you want to solve the problem of having trapped people in factions with no possibility of movement. every day that passes you are more and more ridiculous

  1. Zander is garbage by todays standards of meta … seen no one pull him
  2. How about Legacy toons now, last one was chainsaw sawyer, and he was below parr, generate some interest to the players
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You must be new in the game because that’s their story of the past couple years. :partying_face:

Already have seen a few prestige 13 players in top spender factions having him. :face_vomiting:

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Let them, alot bought mia and its museum counterpart, CRW was great facing 2 of her, made winning 100% easier

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Go away @GR.Scopely until you answer true questions of the community no one cares

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Another promo XD im so glad that i quit :slight_smile:zktytmxhtc711


U guys just care about money…don’t be greedy that much…


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely I dare you to listen to the people who are playing this game just once. Try it and you might not lose as many players that are walking away from the game. I dare you to try a different approach just once


I’m not even mad, just disappointed.0d4e7499-12fc-4be8-a0d0-47f188995649


So every single week we keep getting a brand spanking new premiere recruit with an official announcement here on the forum but what we can’t get is an explanation why we haven’t got any f2p recruits from either contests or legacy ascendables in months?


I think the only people to blame here are the Whales that keep buying these Promos, I’m sure Scopes said 6* toons would never be for sale🤷🏼‍♂️ Let’s am our displeasure at Scopes not the Cm’s IMO🤗

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Or the tools that abused the skull tokens then regularly get on the forums on vomit all over everything and everyone.