Character Spotlight: Wayland


Yeah, I miss the early days of 6-stars. Everyone was even and every match was a blast. Now it just plain stinks if you don’t feel like pumping a grand or two into the game and even then what for? It’s still super boring.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Transfers suck. All they are are factions who couldn’t make 1st in there starting region on a quest to find one where they think they can.

More than a year later and the f2p still don’t have an accessible human shield or revive.


well have fun being a top dog then i guess those who got yellows can beat u and by the end of this everyone should be able to aascend their pull thanks to October stash


I dunno. I like it when I win.

And time out teams are frustrating, but they’re a challenge that I enjoy spending time trying to overcome with the options I have. It’s like solving a puzzle.


Yeah I know.
Plus even though it’s the newest region, it still feels kinda dead.
Hardly any threats to me in level up, and people are scared to raid me.


Can I see your team? Please



Yeah but after you beat the Rubix cube how many more times do you still wwant to play with it? Even something fun gets old after the hundredth time seeing it.

The game is just too monotonous and shoving the same three “events” down our throat isn’t helping. Nor the fact that for me personally the one thing I still found fun war is now just as boring as the rest of it.

That’s on me but I sure am glad I didn’t spend anywhere near as much money as some of these people obviously have. Going to be a fun day when Scopely decides it’s over. :laughing: For everyone who is still having a blast more power to you and good luck.


The timeout teams are here to stay. They just keep putting out shields and revives. How much longer before a red shield comes?


Are you new or just in a new region? I would have killed to have a team like that when just starting out. Of course with every new region, come ppl ready to spend and be . . . . . . . . well . . . . . . . . basically you, unbeatable even if for just a little while.



Eventually they will do a 7-star reset to restore the balance when all the f2p give up or the whales stop spending. I know it’s a long ways off because we still have yet to see the 45 ap 6-stars.


I’m in the newest region, but not new to the game.
I did spend a little bit to start off, though.
Bought thirty day pass, and those horrible tokens twice.
Only fours from the tokens.


In this case, the cube is either the same as the teams you said were a blast back in the day: simple and quick, which make me happy to get through. Feels like time thinking about counter offensives was well spent then.

Or the cube is different, and requires more thought.

I’ll admit it again, though, it’s frustrating. Just yesterday my one and only Ty got a Zeke rush commanded onto him, killing him and leaving Andrea to try and manage 2 revives, a shield, a guardian, and a Commander by herself

It didn’t go well. Even when killing the first revive and another toon, the second always picked up the other revive first.

Extremely frustrating. But I’ve had more wins than losses against those teams


active revive human shield


Another promo, how surprising.
He isn’t even anything that special in all honesty. I know people will say otherwise but I mean, he really doesn’t look all that interesting whatsoever to me.


heal reduction is nice with decap


I thought to myself ‘‘Erika&Lydia teams?’’
Whales shouldn’t really struggle with those teams at this point tbh

This is the best and only f2p composition…enough said.


Still not paying for your overpriced pixels. Screw that


Lol why blue Abe? He’s hurting you more than helping. Yumiko or a second siddiq at least


Can we please change alpha from adjacent damage to single target damage. And increase the output. She’s weak at a limp noodle. With LOW defense stat


wayland? wtf kind of name is that. I bet almost all the random named survivors are Scopely employees.