Character Spotlight: Wayland


If you keep improving what used to be the crappy weapons bonuses, like the +25% atk when enemy hp is less than 30% improved to +150% atk when less than 50% in this case, can we just make these a critical stat you can get in the armory? Im tired of seeing these promo toons with super improved version of trash armory criticals like the shiva or davie bleed on attack and defense respectively. Anyway the 70 bleed for 4 turns is trash anyway, might as well fail the crafting and not even waste resources.


This is the important question to me also


Yeah okay. Try telling that to every single top 10 whale faction in crw where 50% of them were running this combo on def as well as the p13 whale fac that moved into my region a month ago. The other 50% were led by Lydia and Mags was still there too.

Even teams in the 20’s and 30’s were mostly made up of teams with Mags, Erika, Lydia, Jebs, and yellow Ty. You could not avoid them. It made for one hell of a long boring weekend. I stopped playing after I scored 150k. Zero fun.


I was just guessing. I assumed all these titan fasts and blues released would replace those two.


Not on def. Why stop using what works. Toons like Marlon and Wayland are for other whales to make short work of these time out defenses. Scopely knows what they are doing.


Fair enough.


@Final-Boss if you come across and definitive answer about the weapon and how it’s caluculated please let me know. I have some faction members that got him and they will try to see if they fja figure it out as well


It boosts the character’s stats, which in turn boosts everything else including rush damage.


If 90% are using Erika based defenses, they’re pretty shitty whales :joy:


Erika was definitely replaced by Lydia this weekend. Magna is still there. Mostly Lydia/magna/Jesus.

Surprisingly enough, having faced notorious the toon that gave most of my faction a problem was violet. She is an absolute nightmare behind Carl.


Yep, greens are the power color now, Carl or Dante leads.


I use a yellow/blue team mainly and this guy would be a huge game-changer for me!


did 2 20 pulls and got all 4 stars… smh this shit is so rigged.


I think his name is misspelled… it should be Whaleland. I’ll take two please.


the japs are coming for our whales


Yeah, I can see that. Ran into a few teams using her. Same with Mac. That active revive is a nice thing to have. Still, this time out meta is by far the worst because it’s boring. They need to shake things up and soon.


Can’t argue with that. :wink:

Should have said 50% but to me, it’s all the same thing. Fighting against an entire faction of time out teams is zero fun even when you win. It’s boring.


I sorta have the opposite problem as you. I’m in the newest region, and I pulled a legendary governor.
Legit nobody can touch me, and I have only lost twice, both times due to game crashing.
It’s nice being a top dog, at least until transfers turn the region upside down.


have fun against those who pulled spencer


Spencer is hardly a threat. Plus I run yellow Morgan lead so he ends up dying pretty much turn one anyways.