Character Spotlight: Wayland


Character Spotlight: Wayland

Character Breakdown

Trait: Fast

Name: Wayland

Role: Damage

Description: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies through percent-based damage, damage over times, and/or other damaging effects.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Attack: 1,979

Health: 1,732

Defense: 1,203


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 500% Damage to 2 enemies. Those enemies get 100% Healing Reduction for 2 turns.

Note:100% Healing Reduction temporarily prevents afflicted characters from being Revived when dead (as long as the debuff remains active). Additionally, 100% Heal Reduction also prevents Bonus HP from being applied to a target affected by the active debuff.

Active Skill

Turn Count: 2

Effect: This character gets Focus for 2 turns and +35% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Decapitate

Effect: If this specialist performs an action that kills an enemy character, then the enemy cannot be Revived.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: Bonus ATK: +150% ATK when enemy’s HP is less than 50%.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Wayland is extremely effective at fighting against enemy characters that use Revive, Bonus HP, Healing effects, and/or Human Shield. He comes with the Decapitate Specialist Skill, immediately providing him the ability to keep enemy characters down (i.e. - cannot be Revived) once they’ve been killed. In order to help Wayland get to the point of being able to kill an enemy and leverage Decapitate, he has 3 major tools in his character kit (beyond just damage): 100% Healing Reduction, Focus, and +150% ATK boost against low health enemies.

As noted above, in addition to preventing healing effects, 100% Healing Reduction temporarily prevents afflicted characters from being Revived when dead (as long as the debuff remains active). Additionally, 100% Heal Reduction also prevents Bonus HP from being applied to a target affected by the active debuff. This gives Wayland ample opportunity to really wear down an opponent, or if Wayland is unable to attack himself, allow for his teammates to kill an afflicted enemy without immediate fear of that enemy being Revived.

If you have ever tried using a Damage role character to take down a Revive character (e.g. - Erika), you probably have experienced the frustration of that character being guarded by Human Shield (e.g. - Magna), heavy Confuse teams, or an overabundance of Taunt. Thankfully Wayland’s Active Skill provides him with the Focus buff.

Note: Focus is a positive status that causes a character to ignore Confusion, Taunt, Camouflage, and the effects of Human Shield as long as Focus is presently active on the character. Focus does not remove Confuse, Taunt, or Camouflage if the effect is already present on the character at the time Focus is applied.

With Wayland being able to provide himself Focus starting on Turn 2, you can prepare Wayland to bypass Human Shield (or prevent Confuse / Taunt from affecting him in the following turns) the turn before so that you can go straight for the enemy you want to take down right away. Plus, with his Active Skill also providing Wayland +35% AP, you do not lose progress towards activating your Rush when taking the turn to gain Focus.

Wayland also comes with a Special Weapon that provides the following effect: “Bonus ATK: +150% ATK when enemy’s HP is less than 50%.” This weapon effect gives Wayland a mini-Execute effect to help ensure that when Wayland attacks, the enemy is more likely to be killed and be Decapitated. A very useful effect when dealing with a heavy Defense or Revive team.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


Fast Lydia - If you plan to use Wayland in a Fast + Tough team, Lydia is an ideal leader. With Lydia’s Leader Skill providing +40% HP and +40% DEF to all Fast and Tough teammates, she covers Wayland’s weaknesses with him having lower defense stats. Lydia’s Rush and Active can also help keep Wayland alive and help reduce the impact of Stun should Wayland encounter it on the enemy team.

Strong Carl - With Wayland being used on a Fast + Strong team (melee), a good leader choice would be Carl, who provides +40% HP and +40% DEF to all melee teammates. Carl’s Active Skill has the potential to provide Wayland with an extra +20% AP, allowing Wayland to get his Rush off faster than the enemy team (and potentially killing key enemies). Carl’s Rush can also help keep Wayland alive with regaining 50% of his HP.


Tough Tyreese - In an offensive Tough and Fast team composition, Tyreese pairs well with Wayland since both have Decapitate. These two characters benefit from each other’s impact on the enemy team (such has Wayland’s 100% Healing Reduction), increasing your chances of getting a Decapitate to trigger from either Wayland or Tyreese.

Tough Michonne - Like many other Damage role characters, Wayland is prone to weapon effects that cause Stun, Impair, etc. Having Michonne (or a Disarm character) present reduces the risk of Wayland being debilitated from weapon effects while also aiding Wayland with dealing solid damage to an enemy target.

Fast Glenn - As Wayland has lower defense stats and defensive effects, Glenn is a great complimentary character to keep Wayland going in combat. With his Heal Over Time Rush, 50% Heal Active, and Guardian II to provide an extra layer of cover, Wayland can be more offensively customized, really helping him killing enemies without having worrying about survivability.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Wayland teams to get your creativity flowing:



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Looks solid.


Wayland would do exceptionally well behind RTP Rick or tough Carl.


looks like earls battle buddy or some. :thinking::grinning::smirk:


Why is every yellows weapon 30% attack, medium ap, then some ludicrous op 3rd slot?


Because they know the Magna and Erika show was a problem. They keep on adding toons to smash that and this one is a beaut.

Whales will not be able to resist pulling for Wayland.


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At this point though, isn’t Erika and Magna kinda old news?


Judging by last weeks CRW, no they are not when adding other whale toons with them


Wonder if theirs some clarification on his weapon. Is it an additional 150% damage inflicted so basically 250%. And does it impact the AR attack. The wording on it can be interpreted is a few different ways so I just wanted some concrete answers


Oh. I assumed with all these insanely overpowered premiers coming out, that they’re not really as powerful as they once were.


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Very well put together post.

Question: you mentioned Focus allows one to ignore camouflage. Under what circumstances would this actually affect something in any part of the game as it stands now?

As far as I know, camo doesn’t affect humans. And walkers don’t get buffs. So…?


focus help deal with human shield


I know that. I was asking why the article mentioned that focus bypasses camouflage specifically. That’s news to me and I’d like clarification. Thanks for repeating that point for emphasis though!


probably mistake


Yep… Most teams are still Erika and Magna heavy… 95% top faction we faced had that combo. Will never get old it still works.