Character Spotlight: Ryker


Make Legacy?Meh lets make another promo who land in premier and no one buy him…Scopes logic.


How about you stop telling Scopely to churn out these legacies? Poor Carley barely had any thought put into her, pressuring them to release legacies will just ensure that they release legacies that hardly fit any meta. More promos are good, they let those fellows who dream up ridiculously overpowered specialist skills think a bit harder about the design of future characters, and in this case, Legacies.


I give him a .5 on the riker scale


Wtf more promos are good thing???What are u talking about??For spenders and whales of course but for f2p its just dissaster what they doing now.


I assure you the problem isn’t that they’re release legacy toons too fast…its that they don’t care


Which is why they need to put more thought into legacies. Seems like you ignored everything else I said, and no matter what, Scopely will continue to release tons and tons of promos. Nothing we can do about it, but the least you can do is wait the legacies out, as those are one of the only chances for f2ps to catch up to the current metas. And most everything these days is a disaster for f2p players, get used to it.


he looks her works for the FBI


I completely doubt that if they took more time we would get better legacies. This is Scopely we’re talking about. They don’t even take the time to fix bugs in beta before release or toons before released.


If the fbi looked like a sleazy drug dealer then yes


Wanna bet they can take a year to release the next legacy and it will still be shit?


I wouldn’t waste a cent on a bet like that. Too bad :sweat:


It seems like they only release legacies as a distraction at this point. I bet most of them are already finished.


Most likely. They can release a p2p character in a week but can’t release a legacy for 2 months. They certainly have them done or dont work on them until they’re like “Ok they waited long enough” and finish one in like 3 days.


Ryker is part of the New Frontier it seems. Damn he made the right choice to get out of there.