Character Spotlight: Rick 15th Anniversary


Because they are “insiders” and grasping at their attention along with JB’s maybe I can get my message read by the “team” that needs to read it…

I wasn’t insulting them, or being negative, just hoping for increased exposure. Next time I will tag you too :wink:


I spend and don’t ever get anything good rip me


My 40 pull


Ive never had a 40 pull like that before. I think accounts are “fixed” predetermined to always get good luck pulls.

The people I see get premieres on a single pull…have tons already


Idk bout all that this is my 1st 40 to look like this its usually a few random 5s and 4s maybe the 5* premier sometimes the 6* sometimes all 4s


Nah. I’ve gone 200 pulls to get a toon and I’ve gone 10. It’s true luck of the draw, with the exception that noob accounts definitely get better odds at first.