Character Spotlight: Morgan


Dang that’s why you should always do a 10 pull.


10 pulls make my azz itch!


Didn’t get Morgan on my ten pull but got Rosita 6*.


Yellow Rosita


What exactly was supposed to be in these pictures?

I waited for them to load, but nothing ever showed up.
Except for the last picture…


You need special 3D glasses to see the pics lol


Got it but hard to drop


Holy double Hunter Batman!!!



Ty very lucky yesterday :wink: . Hope you the same bro


how many pulls did it take? and gz


6 pool 10 …


I tried to get Bruce with that dodgy offer (I didn’t have my hopes up)… I didn’t get him (surprise!!)
Then I did a 10 pull and BOOM!!!


He is sooooo good. I am going to breed him and Michonne :wink::wink:


I can’t wait to use him mate :wink:


@JB.Scopely You should update the character spotlight to point out that he was bugged in the survival club patch, so he no longer does any MAIM damage with his active, especially since he has been in another promo since then. Its awesome!


Can there be a fix for his character? He is still bugged and locks up the game on occasion when he ends turns. Fix your game please.


Sorry for being a pessimist but they are too busy counting the money Alice generated.

She’s the new meta and as far as Scopely’s concerned, the issue has been “fixed”.


The fix is just around the corner, and will be coming along the upcoming game update.


By the time he’s finished a team of the new phase meta will be out so his rush wont be as powerful …



Like the above poster said, great time to fix him when Gen 2 6*s are already being released. It’s like Scopely has zero respect for its players.

Maybe you need to bring this to your team too: