Character Spotlight: Mia

How about u wear a shirt and she takes hers off?
Win win

Alright,The Shirt jokes aren’t funny anymore.


It’s getting old lol

@Veni can buy 1 mia for $800 or 100 $8 shirts :man_shrugging:

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Got her in 2 10 pulls :+1:


No one wants to see that and no one wants to see you without a shirt on

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It’s really frustrating how little the developers care for making their game balanced.


Oh shit, I didn’t realize that’d gotten a mobile release! I bought it on Xbox but keep getting distracted by other games on there. Depression coping, here I come!

Just had a match with 3 Mia’s on a defense team. Thanks Scopely, you have once again shown your player base that you are more interested in money then balance.

You could of fixed your game, but nahhh, lets send out another ridiculously powerful character and hand her out to rich idiots

Is 3 on a team a good idea? Hmm. Maybe behind an Andrea or donny huh. And maybe a zach to clear any negative status. Hmmm

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