Character Spotlight: Jiafeng :alert:

tired of these same things, tired of promos

When are going add the Mexican character. Did they all turn to zombies.

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What Mexican character? Diego?

Yet another pointless toon very few are interested in. Yet another museum collection to add to an already cluttered museum. No thought process whatsoever.
Would it have been too simple to have launched S Class tokens instead of this constant stream of plushies & food stuffs…
Would it have been too simple to have made all S Class of equal value in the fore-mentioned tokens instead of 8,000 of this, 6,000 of the 4,000 of the other
Would it have been to simple to let all gather said S Class tokens & choose what they wanted in 2 years when they finally built up enough for a pull…


Very nice i did on a 10 pull

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These teams are bad just use 5 of her guys :slight_smile:

Is he any good ? 2 docs would spice her up, but does her rush stack?

Bleed does yep

So if she rush 2 times at same opponent - then it’s 500 in top of allready 500 that increase each turn?

More actually. It’s 700 due to the haemorrhage then if she rushes again it will increase by an extra 500 + 150 haemorrhage, to give a total of 1350. This is to 3 targets.

Her normal attacks cause insane amounts of bleed too. Her 1st attack will cause 500 bleed, then if she attacks again, she will lacerate to put this upto 1000, then add a further 500 due to the weapon. So the toon she hit has already suffered 500 bleed and will then suffer 1500 more, and that’s not even counting the basic damage from those 2 attacks. So this toon will automatically cause over 2000 damage from just 2 normal attacks, before she even AR’s or sets off her AS.

So this toon would be amazing in a team of 2 docs (attacking) paired with Michelle lead and 1 Zachary besides that.

Michelle - Jiafeng - zach - doc - doc


hmm ok…

I have only 1 zach and 2 dr. stevens, so the questions is, save coins for another zach or try gor for JIAFENG…

I tried even do ATK without any huge on AP leader, and DOCs spice them up and make em rush 2nd turn… So I could make JIAFENG rush 2 turn combined with CHRISTA and ZACH for now…

but enemy zach will just heal those effects?

then they die from trauma from yinyang

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So that means Zach can heal Bleed? I have Zach and just saw that he “recover teammates from all penalties”

If theres like…10 bleed on a charecter and you rush with a charecter that can bleed for 400.Its going to be combined.

Well - Jiafeng in rushes she gives hermorrhage like Zachary does, but will this stack?

I mean if Zach hit one and this starts to suffer from hermorrhage and then Jiafeng rush the hermorrhage again, does it mean 150 feom Zachary and 200 from Jiafeng with increases each turn (and the bleed 500 from rush) and from weapon if enemy above 75 hp!?

Hemorrhage does not stack with another hemorrhage. Yes, “recover all penalties” will cure hemorrhage.

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