Character Spotlight: Jessie Anderson :alert:

I need to get in touch with a game reporter.

Scopely, please respond to the Jessie buff. What happened? Try to help us understand

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well whatever the reason, im happy they buffed jesse to make her even an itsy bitsy bit useable. now at least im interested to level her and try her out

would be nice if scopely releases a melee version of s class pete so we can try melee timeout teams

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Sounds like you would pull anyways, right?

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yeah but how much to pull depends on how useful the toon looks.

zach, pull u til u get 4. jesse, maybe just drop a few big pulls and hope u get 1 or 2, then stop whatever the result.

so it was a good move to make her a little better, im not complaining lol

Is there ever a time where you go “no, I shouldn’t pull?”

Nope, never! Gotta feed the addiction :joy: but atleast he’s honest about pulls, credit where its due.

Disgusting. Promises … liars

Sent them a question about buffing her through their website. Curious what the answer will be, if any

Their is bunch of tons I pass on. Some you give more then others.

Good news everyone! The questioning and frustration about Jessie being buffed is being passed along to the dev team as feedback!!!

Wow bro! What a great move!!! They did the same to league store Leon too. As feedback.

At least they took the time to respond to my questions. Crickets as usual around here

A tiny bit useable?? Are you delusional? Her behind a few high def human shields + revivers/hp buffers, would be a literal nightmare. This guy seems to think a 200% increase def buff is barely useable, gtfo here. I haven’t played in 6+ months and I could add her to my current def team and wreck you 9/10x on def. That’s an 80% chance you’d get +200% def and a def down block on a high def hs (Possibly 2) along with possibly 2 high def revivers. How that isn’t useful af is beyond me. With the right team/stats/mods, she will cause MASSIVE problems on def.Especially for all the FTP/light spenders.

Just keep widening the gap further why don’t ya. I guess this is how they fix the gap,looks like it’s back to the high def Hs or human shields + multiple revives meta.


hahaha everyone has their own opinion. at the level of gameplay you are using as basis, u think that she is powerful; good for u, i wont criticize that.

for me, she is just so-so, since i probably wont use her in my kind of roster. she is just there for just in case.

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