Character Spotlight: Jessie Anderson :alert:

Character Breakdown


Name: Alert


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 1,923

Attack: 1,495

Defense: 1,923


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Up to 4 teammates get Defense Down Block, +200% Defense, and Focus for 4 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Effect: Up to 4 teammates regain 50% of their max HP for 3 turns.

Specialist Skill

Name: Neutralize

Effect: When this character attacks a human enemy that has 80% or more Adrenaline, that enemy will be Impaired for 1 turn.

Gameplay Walkthrough


  • Characters who amass AP quickly will have a hard time against Jessie, as there is a good chance she will Neutralize them before they get a chance to use their Rush.

  • Don’t forget, Neutralize has been buffed recently to 80%. This means you’re way more likely to get the desired results.

Defensive Powerhouse

  • With +200% Defense and heal over time, Jessie makes your defense team a tough nut to crack.

  • With a massive increase in Defense, a great addition to Jessie is her ability to remove Defense Down with Defense Down Block.

Focus In

  • Going against offensive control, like taunt or confuse? Not anymore you’re not.

  • 4 Turns of Focus gives you plenty of time to hand pick your targets for the best outcomes.

  • Not to mention, but that focus goes to every single teammate!

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few examples of Jessie Anderson teams to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  • Legendary Jessie Anderson will be available in the Premier Recruits wheel in addition to having museum collections for her 5* Ascendable and 6* versions.

  • Jessie’s collectibles are Butter (found in Premier Recruits Bonus Opens). 4,000 Butters will be required for 5* Ascendable versions; 5,500 Butters will be required for the 6* version.

  • S-Class Pete Anderson will also be added to the museum as a permanent collection.

  • Your chance to redeem S-Class Pete Anderson is back for 11,000 Blue Keys!


Hahhahahah NO.



Do you guys know any shame?!?

How is it even possible that you are so out of touch with your game that you need the community to tell you that a character is crap? And then you buff it within hours from crap to godlike … but only if it makes a quick buck.

How can any of you look at yourself in the mirror every day.


Haha wouldn’t it be cool if she appeared in the comics?

I’m very excited to see your continued communication and delivery on the promises you made in the response to #PU

Because so far all you have done is the opposite. Introducing arenas that will be so unfairly balanced that it will push the gap even further and now a new promo that you just has to op up a nudge because she wasn’t selling?

I’m not sure you really understand how many people we are talking about that are tired with all this. To me it seems like you have pushed out some words and then hope we let it go.

It isn’t going in the right direction at the moment @GR.Scopely and you are welcome to take that to the team :blush:


That’s quite an understatement :stuck_out_tongue:. But fully agree with what you are saying.

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She did.


They tried to release a more moderate toon. Faced zero sales. So they buffed her to godlike expecting it to work.

And if it would work… Unfortunately it would mean that Scopely is doing everything right.

Yeah, and before someone said that the whales have all the rights to spend and enjoy the game the way they like. They are getting their “enjoyment” by ruining the game for thousands of other players. And don’t ever care.

And we keep saying that Scopely don’t care?


You are entitled to your opinion but your statement about whales not caring simply isn’t true :blush:

There are multiple whales supporting PU - much more than I guess you think. Of course there are also those that don’t which is quite ok. But don’t put everyone into a box and say they don’t care.

It isn’t true :blush:

Majority wants a fun fair balanced game for ALL :blush:


Zero sales? They buffed her before she even went on sale


My bad. They just loaded her into the tower. Removed few hours later and returned back buffed.


I’m not saying that ALL the whales don’t care. But Scopely is well aware of #PU (and yes there are some whales how claim to be a part of that movement) but keep releasing OP promos?
To achieve what? Revenues? Of cause. And if Scopely is still hitting their revenue targets then whats the point of #PU?

The only way #PU can achieve anything is bad publicity. Outside of this forum.

Otherwise, some whales are spending less, but some are spending more making up for Scopely’s losses.

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Correct. I managed to take a screenshot.



Spot the difference.


Hahahaha such a joke.

Look how fast Scope can react when a promo isn’t selling, but when the entire playerbase says a legacy like Romanov and the new collection toon Sergio are shitty, they don’t act on it…because that won’t make them money.


Still not buying.



how many blue keys are there in roulette?

Won’t buy #playersunited

different coloured pants?
the word max is brighter
she is glowing more in the first pick

that’s all I got