Character Spotlight: Harper


Character Breakdown


Name: Fast


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 1,958

Attack: 1,653

Defense: 1,289


Cost: 58 AP

Effect: Deal 3 attacks of 150% Damage (450% Total) to one enemy. All enemies get -50% Attack and -50% Defense for 2 turns.

Active Skill

Turn Count: 2

Effect: This character gets Focus and +45 Crit for 3 turns.

Specialist Skill

Name: Disarming

Effect: This character will never trigger a weapon effect that activates when an enemy character is defending. When this character performs a critical attack on a human enemy, that enemy will be disarmed for 2 turns. Disarmed characters lose any conditional effects granted by their weapons.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When attacking, a better chance to Stun the enemy for 2 turns.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Harper is the first 6 star Fast Disarming character to be released into TWD:RTS. Harper’s lightning fast Rush, combined with Disarming, makes Harper an all round badass when it comes to dismantling and controlling her foes:


Harper’s Rush causes her to attack 3 times to a single enemy while reducing the entire enemy team’s Attack and Defense stats by 50% for 2 turns. The triple multi-attack can help Harper trigger her weapon effect more frequently, as well as soften any future enemy targets for herself or her teammates. With an incredibly fast 58 Rush, Harper can easily maintain a constant state of debuffing and control that is difficult to overcome.


Providing Focus and Crit is a great benefit for Harper and her ability to control the enemy team. Since Disarming requires a critical hit to trigger the effect, having extra critical chance can help improve the consistency of applying Disarm. With Human Shield, Confuse, and Taunt being popular (especially for defense teams), a 3 turn Focus really allows Harper to have free reign to tackle any enemy and cripple their overall effectiveness.

Specialist Skill

Disarming is a great Specialist Skill that provides that additional layer of safety when dealing with highly potent weapon effects, since the Disarm debuff prevents the effect from triggering. Great for dealing with “Stun Guns” or other difficult weapon effects. A highly recommended Specialist Skill for almost any team composition.

Special Weapon

Stun when attacking is a very powerful weapon effect, especially on Harper. Her multi-attack Rush helps with triggering the effect, as well as being an “upgraded” form of the Disarm debuff due to weapon effects not triggering when the character is stunned. It’s a win-win for Harper and her teammates either way, since either the enemy is likely to be either Stunned or Disarmed; both useful for taking control of the battle.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


Fast Lydia - When using Harper on a Fast + Tough defensive team, Lydia is a great leader to use since she provides a large amount of protection for Harper through both her +40% HP/DEF leader skill, as well as her Bonus HP and DEF boost Rush. If you need Harper to be protected on your Fast + Tough team, Lydia is ideal.

Tough Carl - If you are looking to use Harper more offensively on a Fast + Tough team, then Carl may be a better option. His leader skill provides both ATK and AP generating boosts to his team, helping Harper unlock her Rush sooner. The added ATK boost is a solid bonus too when combined with Harper’s debuffing abilities.

Strong Gabriel - When considering Harper for a melee defense team, Gabriel is the clear choice, since Gabriel can make sure Harper stays in the fight and can keep her free and clear with his penalty recovery Rush. His leader skill also provides Harper that extra +40% HP/DEF boost as well, allowing Harper to take additional hits and still keep going. If you don’t have Gabriel available to be used as part of your team, Strong Carl is a solid alternative.


Fast Wayland - Wayland’s entire kit is designed around attacking low HP enemies to trigger his weapon effect and Decapitate that enemy. Harper is a great complimentary character for Wayland, since she not only makes it safer for him to attack his enemies (via Disarm / Stun), but also buffs Wayland and debuffs the enemies. This makes it significantly easier for Wayland to trigger Decapitate against more defensive opponents.

Strong Shiva - Shiva is a great offensive tool to combine with Harper, since Harper’s weapon effect can potentially Stun an enemy, which Shiva’s Cutthroat Specialist Skill can take advantage off, along with gaining that extra damage from Harper’s -50% Defense debuff to the enemy team (and +50% ATK to your team).

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Harper teams to get your creativity flowing:



Anyway : why her roadmap doesn’t include heavy teams with stun/absolute defense/impair/ap down etc ? This is a goddamn disarm character !


“Too overpowered”


yay another broken toon. how fun am i right?


Keep doing it scopes and you left with no players


She’s pretty meh. :smirk:



About as balanced as me after 10 pints, what a stupidly overpowered toon.



@JB.Scopely Many are wondering about this toon if shes going to be nerfed in future or not.

EXAMPLE: “The Wanderer” when released had a rush that also did - attack and defense to all green and red targets, and this was later nerfed to only 3 targets as scopely decided he was overpowered.

this new toon can debuff -attack and defense to all colors. which is even stronger then wanderer was before he got nerfed. but add ontop of that she has disarm , stun on attack, multible hits so multible chances to stun/disarm . to me she seems to good to be true, and characters like this being released after older characters got nerfed for being “overpowered” makes on feel she will also be nerfed in future


To be fair that’s - 60%. May not seem like a huge difference but it is.

We know atk/def scales the dmg. We do not know how the base damage is calculated so I’ll demonstrate the scenario below.

So assume 1000 atk against 1000 def and let’s call it 200 dmg for this scenario. Its not, but it’ll allow easy maths.

30% reduction, 1000/700, 286 dmg
40% reduction, 1000/600, 333 dmg
50% reduction, 1000/500, 400dmg
60% reduction, 1000/400, 500 dmg
70% reduction, 1000/300, 667 dmg
80% reduction, 1000/200, 1000 dmg

It’s non linear impact and more steep and impact as you increase the defense down.


While you definitely got a point, you have to consider this:

There is a difference between having 1-2 toons at -60% DEF or having 4-5 toons at -50% DEF and(!) ATT.

Worst case Harper debuffs 4, best case 5.
Imagine an enemy team with 5 guardian shields up, you could even control who doesn’t get the debuff by choosing the target (unless there is a human shield, but Harper has built in Focus anyways).
If you got toons with Line damage, you can totally set these up to hit 2 weakened enemies all the time.

Compare that to Wanderer. Here you can control one target who is hit. If that has no guardian shield, it gets debuffed. The rest is RNG. Most of the times you won’t debuff 3. And I had the debuff applied to only a single toon more times than I would like to admit.

The 10% translates to more single point target damage.
But in most halfway realistic cases, my bet is that the team around Harper generates more overall damage.

And if you look at the damage part of the rush, I’d say Wanderer is worse aswell.
They both technically do 3 attacks. However, Wanderer hits 1 target and then 2 random who might be shielded. So best case 3, worst case 1 (well actually even 0 if autoplay or dumb).
Harper hits the same target 3 times, even if said target had a guardian shield up (and it wouldn’t be smart to attack that then), you would still land 2 hits on that target (or 1 in case the target dies and you get a random hit somewhere else).
And there is still the chance for Harper to disarm all over the place.


Thanks for the input and all the theory-craft!

@xezis we’re confident with the way Harper is designed and she’s highly unlikely getting nerfed.


What about my request for a name change for Harper?


Can we nerf wanderer again? He damaged my koa once and that’s too op


Ofc you’re confident of getting a lot of money coming your way😉 whereas Wanderer didn’t so he deserved some Nerf


So… they deleted my comment asking if it was possible to report an App. Anyone knows if it is possible?


I see 2 references to a buff for allies in this spotlight (highlighted in bold and italic), but no actual buff to allies in her current kit. Can I assume those are typos?


New era of RtS and we “f2p players” got nuked once again. No shelter for us xD


Thanks for the good news :slight_smile: