Character Spotlight: Dale

Get it on video :heart_eyes:

This Character is absolutely Way too strong.


100% heal Reduction for 2 turns to 1 Enemy.

Turn 2, cooldowns 2.

So this dale, 1 turn later.

Does this to. everyone.
And this even counters revives…
Unless this debuff is cured. The enemy team cannot heal
whatsoever or revive anylonger.

60% defense reduction is very good.

This character is basically the Strongest Offensive toon in the Game.
He guarantees you can finish teams without worrying about “Controlling”
some enemy skills.
Just apply Active Skill, and any Revive/Heal is 100% countered.

In my mind

They Overtuned the living crap out of dale because Pamela
probably did not sell well at all. Though being pretty good,
she simply doesn’t fit the Revive shield defense teams.

I’m personally disgusted.

If I had Dale my offense would be cringe worthy stronger.

This is so much stronger then Disarm it’s disturbing lol.
And Disarm is very very strong.

It’s obvious that they had something planned to sell as a
counter to revive shield teams.

But this is just Overkill.

50% heal reduction would of been actually very strong
but not Overtuned.


At this point, new promo toons are just Over the Top too strong.
Because the Average 120th 6th isn’t gonna sell anymore.


Wow, the first ever 6* Dale and instead of making him useful, you made him into hot garbage. Well done Scopely.

The game is flooded with Multi-Revive HP Boost teams that have no win or kill condition, they just burn out the clock. To combat that, you give us Dale…Oooooh, Focus

Give me a break

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Lol you see he has 3 turn heal reduction right :joy::joy: he is op trust me


Chill jesus, chill. Look at his active skill…

Heal reduction does jack squat against teams that revive every second turn. Try and tell me I’m wrong

You are wrong.


You are wrong


I don’t see your logic Since heal reduction stops the revive

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You’re wrong bro, i have him and he’s tremendous against revives