Character Spotlight: Cole


Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Tank

Description: Protects allies from enemy damage or other negative effects by redirecting enemy attacks to themselves, as well as providing defense buffs to themselves and/or teammates.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 2,157

Attack: 1,617

Defense: 1,617


Cost: 66 AP

Effect: Deal 325% Damage to one enemy. Up to 3 enemies get Taunt and -50% Attack for 1 turn. This character and 1 teammate get Pain Split for 2 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 1

Effect: Taunt and -50% Attack to up to 3 enemies for 1 turn.

Specialist Skill

Name: Berserker

Effect: Whenever this character takes damage, they gain +20% Attack until the end of their next turn, in addition to any existing Attack increases, including prior activations of this skill.

Note: This buff is able to stack with Attack buff bonuses (from ARs, Actives, etc.), as well as previous activations of Berserker on the same turn.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: Disarm: When being attacked, a better chance to Disarm the enemy for 2 turns.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Cole is the first Tough 6 Star Berserker character to enter into TWD:RTS. Cole’s well rounded stats, combined with his aggressive Taunt control, Disarming weapon effect, and potential damage output makes Cole a real force to be reckoned with. He’s definitely a tight character to have as part of your team:


Cole’s 66 AP Rush allows him to take full advantage of the Berserker Specialist Skill while simultaneously controlling enemy attacks. Cole takes reduced damage as a result of the -50% Attack, as well as Pain Split, allowing him to survival the flurry of attacks that comes from Taunting 3 members of the enemy team. This then provides him a solid boost to his Attack (due to Berserker triggering), giving him that extra needed punch to help take down a high priority target.


With the ability to use his Active Skill on Turn 1, Cole has a commanding presence from the moment the battle begins. His Active Skill replicates the Taunt and -50% Attack portion of his Rush, allowing him to not only quickly control the battlefield, but begin to accrue bonus Attack from Berserker.

Specialist Skill

Berserker is a core part of Cole’s overall kit, allowing him to be both Offensive and Defensive at the same time. Cole uses his Rush and Active to help generate Attack bonuses from Berserker, which in turn allows Cole to deal a heavy amount of damage during his next turn.

Special Weapon

Since Cole will be constantly Taunting his enemies, having a weapon effect that can Disarm an enemy is incredibly powerful. Not only does it aid with reducing any negative effects from those attacking enemies during those 2 turns, but it also gives Cole (and his team) the ability to safely counterattack those enemies.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


When selecting a Leader to combine with Cole, some aspects to consider:

  • Offense vs. Defense Team (e.g. - HP / DEF vs. ATK/AP Gain)
  • Team Trait Combination (e.g. - Fast + Tough, Alert + Tough, etc.)
  • Overall Strategy (e.g. - Heavy Control, Burst Damage, Revive Loop., etc.)



When selecting other Specialists to combine with Cole, some aspects to consider:

  • Sustainability (e.g. - Revive, Healing, Guardian II, etc.)
  • Command (e.g. - Taking advantage of Berserker Attack Boosts quickly)
  • Attack & Defense Boosts (e.g. - Getting a high starting Boost to stack with Berserker)


[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Cole teams to get your creativity flowing:



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