Character Spotlight: Amber

Character Breakdown


Name: Strong


Name: Damage

Description: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies through percent-based damage, damage over times, and/or other damaging effects.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Attack: 2,287

Health: 1,862

Defense: 1,296


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 600% Damage and 100% Heal Reduction for 1 turn to up to 3 enemies.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Cooldown: 5

Effect: This character gets Focus for 4 turns and gains +50% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Follow Up

Effect: Once per turn, when this specialist kills an enemy with an Attack or Adrenaline Rush, they will receive a bonus action.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: Bonus ATK: +150% ATK when attacking enemies with less than 50% of their HP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Amber is a powerhouse, multi-target, Strong Damage role character with a menacing kit. Her high damage combined with Heal Reduction, Focus, Follow-Up, and unique Weapon skill allows Amber to go on a massive killing spree, especially when combined with other Follow-Up or Decapitate characters:


Amber’s Rush is a simple yet high impact Rush; dealing 600% Damage to up to 3 enemies. Additionally, she applies 100% Healing Reduction to those enemies for 1 turn. Due to the timing in which Amber’s Rush typically goes off, this 1 Turn Heal Reduction tends to block a next-turn Revive chain attempt, which provides a solid window for Amber or the rest of her team to clean up the remaining enemy team members.


In order for Amber to get a jump on the enemy team, and really leverage her Rush and Specialist Skill optimally, Amber’s active provides her Focus and +50% AP. This enables Amber to quickly and effectively take down a high priority target, as well as accelerate her ability to fire off her Rush before the enemy team gets rolling. Make sure to use this Active Skill whenever available to keep Amber at max effectiveness.

Specialist Skill

Follow-Up is a powerful Specialist Skill that once per turn, gives the character an additional action when killing an enemy. Since Amber’s Rush can hit up to 3 enemies, as well as hard hitting, the opportunity for Follow-Up to trigger is increased greatly. Additionally, Amber’s weapon skill will help get that killing blow, which could also set her up for a same-turn Rush or Attack. Even if Amber doesn’t get a killing blow, her damage output can be a great setup for other characters on her team (e.g. - Follow-Up / Decapitate) or vice versa.

Special Weapon

To help get that killing blow to trigger Follow-Up, Amber’s weapon comes with a skill that gives her +150% Attack when the target enemy is below 50% of their HP. As noted before, this effect and her Rush are generally interchangeable in terms of the order in which you would want to use them. You can either use the weapon to get a kill to trigger Follow-Up (and then Rush), or use Amber’s Rush, get enemies low, and then use the weapon to finish them off.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


When selecting a Leader to combine with Amber, some aspects to consider:

  • Offense vs. Defense Team (e.g. - HP / DEF vs. ATK/AP Gain, etc.)
  • Team Trait Combination (e.g. - Strong + Tough, Strong + Fast, etc.)
  • Overall Strategy (e.g. - Burst Damage, Damage Over Time, etc.)



When selecting other Specialists to combine with Amber, some aspects to consider:

  • Kill Specialists (e.g. - Follow-Up, Decapitate, Waste Not, etc.)
  • Debuff / Control (e.g. - Harper, Glenn, Shiva, etc.)
  • AP Generation (e.g. - Green Carl, Holly, etc.)


[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Amber teams to get your creativity flowing:

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I mean the only reason to buy her is for the 600% damage… but even more for the scythe lol


Congratulations Scopley. Celebrating International Women’s Day by releasing a character with her t*ts out, short skirt and thigh high boots.

Score one for equality!


Gen 1 characters: you think I’m a joke to you?


man she going be so useful with out a leader

I would say the major part of the gaming community is masculin so it is a common method to design female charaters a little open- hearted if you know what i mean. Just take a look at others games and you will not have to worry about this design so much.

Is this going to be the death of Lydia teams?

Ignoring what the WhiteKnight twat above said getting his knickers in a twist, I don’t disagree with your statement. We’ve all seen plenty of fantasy games where the male characters wear reams and reams of armour plating and the female characters wear something skimpy.

I just find it pretty amusing that, on a day celebrating the achievements of women and promoting the lack of gender parity across all aspects of life, Scopely (probably through coincidence, rather than choice) resorted to the cliched stereotypes of female character design.


How about an 6 stars Axel in Borat costume next time :smile:



The quantum of genders is irrelevant to the concept of parity

I love when trolls get smashed… well done! A nice game of whack-a-troll always makes me smile.

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Yes. Absolutely forker.

Two good points in one day. Bloody hell. Guess it’ll all be nonsense drivel from me for the next week then :joy:

P.s. @Sarge, whilst I am trolling Scopley for their choice of character design, I’m not sure why you’re so against it?

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Is follow up even fixed? Hahahaha

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Agree that releasing her today is a weird choice. She’s from the comics: one of Negan’s forced sex slaves, like sherry. In “what comes after”, she wears this outfit because she has no choice – all of negan’s sex slaves must wear these kinds of outfits. We lose that context in the game because we don’t see the story around it, but it’s important to remember that when the characters have comic titles, they’re pulled from the comics. Amber’s appearance in the comics is used as a message AGAINST the objectification of women, and serves to further vilify Negan.


She looks like a prostitute.

Why would anyone dress in this fashion with walking corpses looking to bite into flesh around every corner. They wouldn’t.

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Read my comment just above yours. She dresses this way because of a very specific context. Issue 105 of the comics is when she wears this outfit.




I never got into the comics so I have no reference to any of the characters outside of the telltale ones or from the terrible writing from this game but I’m assuming she escaped from Negan? If so being forced to dress like a whore or be killed is one thing but to continue to do so after being freed as a statement of “empowerment” is silly.

Put on some pants.