Character shards

Introduce character shards. Add a pool of chars to a ‘supply depot’ called character depot. 100 shards, or less, nets you 1 char, where the one with 100 is ascendable to a 6* char. Each pull, single or big, nets you 1 character shard or maybe 2 and give 1 from elite tokens pull, and maybe some from a prestige/ 5* token pull.

It gives people the feeling that the premier pulls are actually less of a RNG thing. The less lucky ones among us, can at least get an ascendable 5* from the depot. I have seen these kind of things work super well in other games and it really encourages people to spend money and it feels more fair as we do.

Ofcourse the char shards could also be earned through events, for example wars. Give them out to the servers who score best in cross region wars. It will make sure that the factions on servers work together well.


This is literally just the character system from galaxy of heroes…


Not the game i have seen it on, but it might work on that game too

And why exactly? Im talking about a shard system as extra above the current we have

Marvel strike force is basically a clone of star wars Galaxy of heroes.


I love the character shards idea. Just got Quake and Gamora on marvel strike force this morning by grinding and farming on the game, not by spending. I love it.

Survivor’s right. I farmed my ass off for days trying to get Mace Windu and Cad Bane and right now, I’m farming my ass off for Ben and Boba Fett. At least this game gives you the toon. Why go through the trouble of repeatedly buying shards by grinding a specific currency on a day-to-day basis to purchase a small amount of shards for several weeks until you finally get a toon you want? Let’s just be slightly ok with the free opportunities at legacy toons we already have.

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Tbh, every game is essentially a clone of Pong. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Your last take on it is what i meant it to be. Even if you dont get the character you want, you get the shards and be able to get him later if he pops up in the character depot. More or less a depot of characters that refreshes every week. The shards you get are not usable on just erika for example, they are indeed a currency for characters, like we have the currency to get gear now.

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