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Is it a waste to do a 10 pull or should I’d just suffer through staring at the coins till I get to 40 pull

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Depends on your luck rituals lol. Everyone has their own anecdotal experience on what is lucky for them. Go with what you personally feel is the most lucky.

If that doesn’t matter to you, objectively, 40 pulls is cheaper than 10. Either one is rng, so cheaper is better.


Ive had luck doing multiple 10s

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I got an ascendable anna from a 10 pull so

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While a 40 pull would save you a tiny bit of coin if you get lucky after a 10 pull you can stop.

Either way, the odds still suck so good luck.


10 pulls are the better way to go.

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luck is everything in this game, when it comes to spinning the wheels.

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40 pull is a better deal

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I like doing 4 10’s, I find I have better luck that way.

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Mathematically, 40 pull is better than 4 x 10.

But these days I only wait for the guaranteed toon. For example, getting white shiva, spending about 12000 coins during that event in December 18, or more recently, the premium roadmap that had Violet available. (Spent about 9000 coins).

But didn’t have any more coins for Tyrese then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did 3 pulls.
5* Caine, ascendable Wanderer and 4* Mark.

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