Character pull!?!

Probably me just whining but I did my token pull earlier got a three star dale tried my luck a few mins ago and spent 250 coins for another three star dale I know I shouldn’t have because I always pull the three stars but I honestly feel at this point if I spend money I should be getting something better then a three star

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Scopely in a nutshell

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Yeah they really need to remove the 3 stars from the premiere wheels. At this point they really do nothing for anyone outside of a 1st month player. It would be 99% 4 stars so its still garbage either way. Without a steady stream of medals its almost pointless to ascend 4 stars at the moment.

Good luck on the next pull!

Save coins for a 10 or 40 pull, singles are useless. 1 in 40 chance of a 5 or 6* :confused:

You know if it’s truly random, likelihood would be the same regardless of method.

I general prefer 10 pulls. Why go deeper than you have to. Of course the cost does reduce with bundle size.

i have pulled over 80 times totally but finally with no 5* and no 6* ever,just nothing but a large amount of trash,this game is just a joy,hahaha, i will not give scopely any money forever because of his excited pull system ,thank you $copely

Not to mention I have seen no difference whatsoever between elite or premier pulls they both give three star. And barely 5 star. I did a ten card pull and got three of the same character. Never again.