Character on a locked team

I’ve used my 5* Jacki on the old school arena team today and now I want to ascend her but she is on some locked team somewhere.
No teams on territories, I’ve checked my defense on the upcoming old school arena stage, on scavenger missions, on survival road and she is not there… I’ve checked one by one all my teams everywhere in the game

Is she stuck in my old school defense even if the stage is over? :thinking:
Anyone having this issue?

I had the same problem yesterday. I took that toon off every team. It worked after that.

I’ve found the same topic here… the solution is to ascend the toon from the tower instead from the rooster

Its been like this since they changed the level up system. You can ascend through the tower. It would be nice to get it fixed or remove the option.

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Yes, besides this being the valid solution, I just want to add that you can always edit out the arena defense while any arena is on - there are arrows left/right to change your arena type teams (for future arenas - though sometimes the game resets the predefined teams for whatever reason…)

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