Character of four traits

Michonne :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong:
Same goes for Carl, who else? Which trait Alpha and Beta should be, how do you think? As for me, I expect :fast: Alpha and :strong: Beta

Off the top of my head, Abraham and Morgan


Andrea :slight_smile:

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You referring to green Andrea as an NPC on SR, or was there a green card for her that was released?

Rick for sure

Morgan, Abe, Michonne, Carl, Andrea as has been mentioned

Tyreese? Not sure there is an alert version?

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ty don’t have strong version aswell i guess?

He had a 4* strong version that was super rare to get [offered in beta war crate and a few other offers]


4* and 3* included… Morgan, Rosita, Lori, Rick

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4 Star Strong version knocking around somewhere. Available through ascendance

Maggie is another which fits the bill. Glenn too.

Tough Negan? Don’t think so


Alpha has a gun in the pictures i’ve seen during the roadmap. I expect their first releases to be A: red, B: yellow/green.

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Can’t remember the strong rick :frowning: Jesus don’t have alert version yet too

It’ll be interesting to see if Frowny McTwoKnives gets classified as strong trait since he is seen dual-wielding two fast trait weapons in the comics.

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You’re probably right, no Rick

Eugene is another than came to mind though


Nope no Strong Rick that I have seen.

Havent seen a Fast Rosita either

You caught me :slight_smile: I was trying to be sneaky, ive only ever seen Strong Andrea in SR

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Maybe we’ll see him soon! :slight_smile:

I remember seeing fast rosita but she was never implemented, 3* or smth

i was only thinking 5 stars but 4* green ty must be super rare then never seen him around :slight_smile:

i might be missing some of the below see if you can match the missing toon in case i don’t about :grin:

kenny missing fast, governor missing strong, jesus missing alert, lori missing strong, garrett missing yellow, negan missing tough, eugene missing fast if we count his 3* strong, siddiq missing alert if we count 4* fast.

Eugene has a fast 5* with counter attack :slight_smile:

He may use unique pay to get weapon like shieldjesus or victor, yet you are right, the only double wielding guy is fast barker