Character nerf/improve list

In the 6* meta many characters has either a very bad AR/SPEC skill or a very good AR or is just overall not useful. So i thought that I’d make a list of charachters that needs either a nerf or a buff.

Nerf list:

6* Michonne
6* Bruce
Both of them has the specialst skill disarming and both very overpowerd rushes. My personal idea would either be to change the Specialist skill. With a change it could mean either to just change spec skill or change the disarming skill to make it balanced. Balancing the spec skill could mean that they have a chance of getting stunned if attacking a defensive stun gun. At the moment they ignore stun/impair on attack.


6* Rosita (Red) - Currently only heals in total of 80% hp and recovers stun/impair. My idea would be to either give a buff on the adrenalin rush or debuff the enemies.
6* Negan (yellow) - Currently Evasion, Deal 325% dmg to a line of enemies and -60 atk for 2 turn with a 60% defence buff for 2 turns. (currently the lowest stats in the game) My idea would be to buff his ar by removing the bonus defence and add a 2 turn taunt to a line of enemies.
6* Shane (blue) - Currently heals 60% hp and recover confuse. My idea would be to give recover from all penalties. Tripp was useful in the 5* meta becuase of the recove from all penalties. (his lead can stay the same)
6* Rick (red) - Currently deals 200% damage and -65 atk for 3 turn to up to three enemies. He is first of all never used. So my idea would be to give him out for free at some point and buff his ar by either make the AR faster (58AP) or give a one turn taunt with the - atk for three turns.
6* Beta (green) - Currently deals 250% damage and a 1 turn stun to a line of enemies. My idea would be to remove his spec skill (Retribution 2) to a melee attack skill (40 atk and 40def/hp) becuase melee dosen’t have that lead skill yet making melee less useful on attack.
6* Jessie (blue) - Currently gives all teamates 40% ap with recover from stun and bleed. My idea would be to her make the heal give 60-50% and recover from stun/impair. The spec skill could also be changed from tenacity to neutralise making her more useful on defence.
6* Morgan (yellow) - Currently deals 325% damage, -300 bleed for 1 turn also gives a debuff on -60 atk for 2 turn to a line of enemies. Once again could be given out on an event since we never see him. The ar should get buffed by adding a -60 defence on to the rush just to make the opponents weak and vunerable (the blled can stay or not dosen’t quite matter in my opinion)
6* Kelly (green) - Currently deals 200% damage and a 1 turn taunt up to 2 enemies. This character gets a 70% def buff for 1 turn also gives two teamates 30% ap. My idea for this one would be to add the defence to all teamates and 70% attack for 2 turn instead of himself, making him a better support for a P2P then glenn that gives a 65% atk/def buff with a 1 turn confuse up to 2 enemies.

That was my list. There are probably way more characters that needs a buff/nerf. Thoughts?


The nerfs you listed are definitely deserved. But scopely won’t ever nerf them knowing the backlash they will face from p2p people who bought them.

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Yes I know but however they have changed some charcters in the past such as 5* yellow victor and 6* KOA. I believe they need to do something about it. How they do it is up to them. I think we as a community do complain more on them being OP and not blanaced. I typed an example on what they could do that’s balanced enough. :slight_smile:

No.2 for beta is make him a melee leader with 40def and 40attack and that is not in the game, one of the 6 star Negan has that but otherwise very good ideas.

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Good ideas!
But you forgot about Erika.

I don’t see any points in puting her on here. I think shes balanced with the 70% total healing and revive. Shes easly killed with a miralead :slight_smile:.

I agree that Erika is op as well. Yes, there are ways to counter her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is miles beyond most other 6 stars in terms of sheer power.


No if she has a stun gun.

Yes if you have a mira lead becuase with her active skill you can recover the stun on the second turn. Very useful IMO

I still don’t think she is OP. she is counterd easily if you have a great attack lead with many blues once again. If you bring a double attack she can die first round.

I can’t believe the people crying about a way to finally be able to fight windowless teams. I’ve had 4 toons stunned in round 1 before. Then you’re stuck doing nothing. Stun guns should’ve only stunned for 1 turn in the first place. I don’t know where everyone gets their armory luck but I’ve been trying for stun for at least 6 months straight and managed 1 out of well over 100 tries. Disarm does not always proc either. Michonne will more than Bruce it seems but it is 1 toon at a time. This is not OP. It is a perfectly reasonable counter to all the freaking stun guns out there

Please don’t call me dumb…but what does op mean

OP = Overpowered.

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I think 3* Diego is overpowered and should be nerfed immediately! He keeps killing all my 3* redchonnes and Sophias! :sweat:


Everyone has his own point of view about everything. You don’t think that Erika is OP, it’s alright. Mine point is just completely opposite, that’s it.

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Thank you

I respect it. I don’t know your toons and such. But I dunno Erika is hard and also easy to put on here it all depends on weapons and such.

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