Character losing health for no reason


Maybe a possible bug?
My 6* Negan was in survival road when he attacked a walker and lost half his half for no reason. No debuffs were on him, he was positioned on the bottom row, and the walkers were at the top. The walkers also were no where near the group, they were at a distance still. Has anyone else experienced characters losing health when attacking? He lost over 700 hp.


Or bleed?


Let’s roll with the reflect damage for a second. Negan 6* has evade, characters in party give defense total of around 80% (which was active), and his health was 1,201. To take 700 damage in a single hit seems a bit excessive don’t you think?


There were no debuffs on Negan.


Was it a bronze level in sr tourney or regular daily SR? If it was a bronze level, you got off light with just the 700 damage, if it were in fact reflect damage. It takes out quite a few 6* completely.


Not really. If you Negan is dishing out 1k hits on a damage reflect Walker, 800 gets reflected back. Even with evasion(I can’t remember if it reduces damage from damage reflect), you’re at most reducing that 800 damage by 1.2 times Negan’s current AP build-up if I remember correctly, which is easily 650+ damage.


Thank you, after these last two explanations, the DMG received may be correct. Appreciate it.