Character level info


Anyone has the latest sheet or picture with the character level information for 6 star characters.

Like the one Dash posted here



Greatly appreciate thank you, and the alt tab is just what I was looking for.


How does it work?? Because it doesn’t seem accurate at all on food costs if we only sum the column (2.5 M food for T3 6*).
Should we sum line and column? Is it incremental? Can you please explain it? It would be very nice to be able to use that ^^


The food is actually the food per character used to level. Obviously if you level with all 1★ you might need 10 characters at a level, therefore the food cost
is 10x the amount given. If you level with a Basil it might hit 3 or 4 levels at once so the cost is a lot less.

Therefore, to work out the total food requirement you have to either do a bit of maths or ask nicely for help from some genius who has done the work already.

Luckily for you, one has just replied to you!


lol thanks for the clarification good genius benefactor. Could you please provide me with the results of your so-much-needed and twdrds-science-breaking work? :smiley:


Here you go. Assumes all levelling using 2★ characters
6★ Tier 1 - 120 Characters 1,836,200 Food
6★ Tier 2 - 270 Characters 6,270,900 Food
6★ Tier 3 - 446 Characters 14,818,400 Food
6★ Tier 4 - 628 Characters 28,665,100 Food


Wow back ages ago when the cm provided helpful information. And was trying to help the players out I miss dash and Johny foxtrot.


Well I don’t miss them, dash was here only when they needed to improve sales (mega active to prove how 6*s are good, especially f2p good lol) with new stuff, and johnny didn’t do nuffin. But it never occurred to me then it can go from bad to worse.


It’s definitely not worse. At least there is someone on the other side. Providing feedback in the forums used to be like talking into a black pit. No response no nothing. Definitely better now.


Yes, but if there are only cans of beans and tomato behind a counter desk, there is hardly any information to ask in the general store, is it?


Kalishane has been alot more quiet this month she said she talked to Albert and would post what was said the following day… Still waiting. I’m wondering how many weeks it takes to get to the next day. Dash wasn’t as quick to go back on his word.