Character ideas


Is there any way/or that it Would work if a michonne that took up 3 character places and was her with 2 walkers you could control (like in the tv show and comics)


Idk, that sounds cool but wouldn’t be very practical


Yeah, it depends what the walkers would do tho.


Most likely not. She could have a new charachter with the two walkers behind her and upon using ar she could send out the walkers for an attack.


Well rts #2 gov who happens to be one of my favorite toon designs ver I mean he looks badass has penny on his back but she doesn’t take up a space does she
That’s may answer your question


I like the governors toon as well. It was more like if you could have a michonne that lets you conrtol two walkers


Maybe walkers could act as a shield taking the damage from regular attacks instead of Michonne, but AR attacks and statuses would go to her. Those walkers could not attack cause they have no arms nor jaws :joy:
Also, in walker maps, they could grant camouflage to Michonne when she is defending :thinking:


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