Character ideas!


Rick “RTS #3” Alert 6* ascended from 5* Rick “Safety behind bars”

Rush (66) Return Safely!-All teammates regain 50% of their max HP,All teammates recover from bleeding,Impair and Stun and All teammates get 60% crit for 2 turns

Leader skill-All ranged Teammates get 40% Attack and 36% Crit

Active skill-Attack up-All Teammates get 40% attack for 3 turns

Viktor “RTS #3” 6* Tough Ascended from 5* Tough Viktor

Rush (76) Minigun Mayhem!-Deals 450% damage to up to 4 enemies and Those enemies are Confused for 1 turn

Specialist skill-Executioner

Active skill-Recover Stun-Up to 3 teammates Recover from Stun

6* Sophia “Road to survival” Ascended from 5* Sophia “All our war”

Rush (58) Damage Control-Deals 600% Damage to one enemy and All teammates get 70% Defense for 3 turns

Leader skill-All melee Teammates get 40% HP and get 40% Attack

Active skill-Taunt-Taunt One Enemy for 2 turns

Morgan “RTS,#4” 6* Strong Ascended from Morgan “Days Gone bye”

Rush (76) Robust Renewal-All Teammates regain 40% of their max HP,All teammates get 70% Defense for 2 turns and Up to 3 teammates regain 30% of their max AP

Specialist skill-Evasion

Active skill-Heal self-This character regains 30% of his max Hp for 2 turns

Carl “RTS,#2” 6* alert Ascended from 5* carl “What comes after”

Rush (76) Callous Volley-Deals 375% Damage to up to 3 enemies,Those enemies are Impaired for 1 turn and This character and one Teammate get 60% Attack for 3 turns

Leader skill-All ranged Teammates get a very large bonus to AP when Attacking and Get 40% Attack

Active skill-Ap Down and Self Focus-One Enemy loses -30% AP and This character Focuses for 2 turns

Hunter “RTS,#1” 6* Tough ascended from Hunter

Rush (85) Power Up!-Deals 200% damage to a line of enemies,Revive one Teammate with 30% of their max Hp and All other Teammates Regain 30% Of their max AP


Active skill-Recover Confusion-up to 3 teammates Recover form confusion


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