Character ideas! (WIP)

Hunter “Road To Survival #2” (5* strong,Leader)
Rush (56)-Frontward Attacks!-Deals 375% Damage to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to him. All teammates get 60% Attack and Regain 25% Of their max HP for 2 turns
Specialist (Berserker)
890 Attack,710 Defense and 1300 HP

Hunter “Road to Survival,#3” (6* Strong,Legend)
Rush (66)-Frontward Assault!-Deals 300% Damae to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to him. All teammates get 40% Attack and Regain 25% Of their max HP for 2 turns
Specialist (Berserker)
Active skill (Recover Confuse)
1890 Attack,1435 Def and 1650 HP

Jim “Days Gone Bye” (5* Tough,Citizen)
Rush (58)-Live to Fight!-All Teammates Regain 60% Of their max HP. Revive One Teammate with 35% of their max HP
Leader skill-All Teammates Get 30% Defense and 30% Attack against all melee enemies
625 Attack,900 def and 1200 HP

Jim “The Road To Survival” (6* tough)
Rush (76)-Fight another day-All Teammates Regain 50% Of their max HP and Get 75% Defense for 2 turns. Revive One Teammate with 30% of their max HP.
Leader skill-All Teammates get 40% Defense and 40% Attack against all Melee enemies
Active skill (Heal self)
1235 Att,1987 Def And 1600 HP

Allen “A Heart’s Desire” (5* Strong,Hunter)
Rush (44)-Straight Thinking-All Teammates get 60% Crit and Focus for 2 turn
Specialist (Collateral Damage)
800 Att,825 Def And 1325 HP

Allen “The Road to survival” (6* Strong)
Rush (58)-Straight Thoughts-All Teammates get 60% Crit and Focus for 2 turns. Up to 3 teammates Recover from Stun and Confusion
Specialist (Collateral Damage II)
Active skill (Recover Bleed)
2012 Att,1156 Def And 1750 HP

Siddiq “Life and death” (5* Fast,Soldier)
Rush (66)-Love Yourself-This character regains 35% of his max HP,Recovers from All Penalties and Gains Elusive for 2 turns
Specialist (Human Shield)
750 att,750 Def And 1345 HP

Siddiq “Road to Survival,#2” (6* fast)
Rush (76)-Self Appreciation-This charachter regains 35% Of his max HP,Recovers from all penalties and Gains Elusive for 2 turn
Specialist (Human shield)
Active skill (Recover Stun)
1500 Attack,1500 Defense and 1750 HP


Always good to see new ideas. Would be cool if there was a way the community could influence the creation of some of the characters in game. Like voting on a new toon, or submitting designs, or something

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These are characters whom are being worked currently? I am assuming WIP means work in progresss?

I give you credit for putting Allen in there :star_struck:, but Sadly Allen wasn’t Alive anymore
in the Volume ‘‘Made to Suffer’’. His last Volume was ‘‘A Hearts Desire’’


It may be a bit blasphemous, but why not some fear the walking dead toons? Morgan fear edition?

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I think this game can only use characters from the comics because they don’t have rights to the AMC owned tv shows

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Is tt games a part of the comics?

It plays in the Comic Universe, so Yeah. Even If the TT Games Characters aren’t appear in the Comics


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